Crush Advent Calendar Day 14

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Quorn has taken its first step into veganism with the launch of the eagerly anticipated, brand new range. The Quorn Vegan Range provides choice and versatility for quick meat free meals, weekend treats and family favourites, with no compromise on taste, or texture.

With the outstanding success of the launch of Quorn products in South Africa, more consumers are adopting a meat-free diet, or looking to enjoy their favourite meals made healthier. However, the Vegan community, and those who do not eat egg by-products for religious reasons, have been pleading for a vegan Quorn product range since the launch. Well, Quorn has heard their call.Quorn SchnitzelQuorn Vegan is now the only Meat, Soy, Egg & Dairy free product range within its category. Combine this with its great taste, convenience and ease of preparation, and it becomes a must to add to your shopping basket.

Quorn wants everyone to be able to enjoy the great taste of their products, so after years of perfecting a vegan product range, they have announced the launch of Quorn Vegan Savoury chicken style pieces, Nuggets, Schnitzels and a Hot & Spicy Burger in South Africa. So whether you choose to eat Quorn products for ethical, religious or health reasons nows the time to enjoy it!

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DAY 14 QUESTION: Quorn Vegan is a Meat, Soy, Egg & _ _ _ _ _ free product range.

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