Celebrate World Gin Day With Norman Goodfellows + WIN with Malfy Gin Arancia!

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Celebrate World Gin Day, on the 9th of June with Norman Goodfellows and Truman & Orange. Premium drinks company, Truman & Orange, are fast becoming known as the company that consistently rises to the challenge of providing authentic, beautifully-made drinks for today’s discerning drinkers.

Celebrate World Gin Day With Norman Goodfellows

While they offer a full spirits repertoire, sparkling wines and an Italian imported beer Mazzatti, they’re perhaps most well-known for launching Malfy Gin just as the gin revolution hit SA. Showing their uniquely nuanced knowledge of what South Africans want, their gin portfolio has recently expanded!

Aviation Gin

Norman Goodfellows World Gin Day

Born of a partnership between a bartender and a mixologist, Aviation Gin is the brand that catalysed the global craft spirit revolution. It is handcrafted in small 100-case batches at the House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon.

In now classic New Western Dry Gin style, botanicals (not juniper) are the dominant flavour notes. Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds bought a stake in the company, helping to entrench it as a new American classic and it’s now the best-selling gin brand in the United States.

Retails for R419 per bottle at Norman Goodfellows

Brooklyn Gin

Norman Goodfellows World Gin Day

Having just hit SA shelves, Brooklyn Gin has earned its super-premium status largely owing to the time and effort that goes into handcrafting each bottle one small batch at a time, using traditional artisan spirit-making methods.

Think hand-cracked juniper berries and fresh hand-cut citrus peels to release essential oils and bring out the essence and complexity of the ingredients. It’s a superbly smooth gin that is fresh, complex and flavourful with a long, clean, sublime finish.

Retails for R669 per bottle at Norman Goodfellows

Malfy Con Arancia

Norman Goodfellows

The new, delightfully refreshing variant of the much-loved Malfy range, Malfy Con Arancia, bursts with the botanical flavour and ruby red colour of specially-sourced, highly sought-after Sicilian blood orange peels which are steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press.

The infusion is then blended with Italian juniper, grapefruit peel, Amalfi Coast lemon peel, Coriander, Cassia Bark, Orris Root and Angelica Root before distillation.

Available at Norman Goodfellows ranging from R349 per bottle.

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