Bukhara Cape Town – An Authentic Indian Dining Experience

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Bukhara Cape Town
Bukhara Cape Town is as authentic and enchanting as an Indian head wobble (a common affirming gesture among Indians). This stalwart of the Cape Town restaurant scene was established in 1995 and the fact that it still remains is truly remarkable in a typically fickle market. Most of the classic North Indian dishes, which have made Bukhara the measure when it comes to Indian cuisine, are still firmly on their menu twenty plus years later.

Bukhara has recently introduced an exciting tapas style menu that consists of lighter dishes that are still full of intense flavour.

You will find pani puris – hollow crisps filled with mint and cumin water. Chicken chaat is a dish of shredded chicken with a fresh and light chilli, lime and coriander dressing, somewhat reminiscent of a chimichurri sauce. There are also Romali wraps, fabulously tender pieces of lamb wrapped in a light, thin flatbread. Expect smaller dishes that are packed with loads of flavour.

Bukhara has a staggering 27 Indian chefs in their kitchens – some of which have been with them since inception.

Their head chef in Cape Town has been with them for 17 years and returns back to India every year to stay connected with the food of his home country.

This sort of loyal commitment shows in the consistency of what is produced in the kitchens of Bukhara. The experienced staff and authentic food is what sets it apart; it has not changed and will continue to serve happy guests well into the future and for this reason it remains one of the best Indian restaurants in the country.

The paneer served at Bukhara is made on site using unpasteurised milk, which gives it a unique flavour and texture that you won’t find elsewhere. The tandoori chicken is expertly cooked and is perfectly tender – these elements make their Chicken Cheese dish and their Butter Chicken two of their all- time greatest dishes. Their curries are rich, fragrant and layered with complexity, which is what makes Indian food so special.

Bukhara restaurant is a large space and the glass-separated kitchen allows patrons a view into what it takes to be a great Indian chef. Watch naan bread and rotis being slapped against the inside of fiercely hot tandoor oven, long skewers of chicken and lamb being dropped into the same ovens and large bowls of exotically coloured curries simmering away. The air is filled with a fragrance that transports you to the streets of India.

Bukhara is not about trends that come and go, instead, it represents culture and heritage. The menu showcases years of perfecting and mastering the art of combining spices and traditional cooking methods. This, combined with its contemporary setting, makes Bukhara a favourite with locals and visitors.

Note: Church Street is the flagship restaurant but there are 5 branches of Bukhara in total, 4 in Cape Town and 1 in Sandton. See their website for individual contact information and opening hours. 

31 Church Street, Cape Town
021 424 0000
Open: 12h00-15h00 | 18h00-23h00


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