Boxing Clever in the Kitchen with Cape Herb & Spice

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Cape Herb Banners‘Boxing clever’ is one of those workplace fave quips, on par with ‘picking the low hanging fruit’ or ‘moving the goalposts’. But truth be told, it does carry some weight. We’re all time-pressed and while we pore over aspirational, muted-toned shots of ‘slow living’ on Instagram, the reality for many of us is that time is short, the family is hungry and food needs to get to the table in double-quick time. We need to make choices in the kitchen that allow us to prepare nutritional and tasty meals when time is not on our side, without compromising on quality.

Boxing Clever with Cape Herb & Spice

The Cape Herb & Spice range has a multitude of spice mixes, shakers, salts and seasonings that take the guess work out of cooking.

Got a craving for Louisiana Cajun-style Calamari? They’ve got a spice for that. Leaning towards a rack of sticky, saucy Smokehouse BBQ Ribs? They’ve got a spice mix ready to go.

Having all the aromatics and spices pre-prepared knocks out a whole lot of the guess work, making your job in the kitchen featherweight.

Rogan Josh Tomato Soup with Homemade Flatbreads

rogan josh soup_Cape HerbCape Herb BannersRogan Josh is a popular Kashmiri curry that is most often made with lamb. The spice mix is a blend of several ingredients including chillies, paprika, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, which combined add heat and flavour.

This heady spice mix lends itself to many dishes and for a wintery wonder, we’ve imbued it into this homemade tomato soup.

The result is an incredibly warming and hearty bowl that you can make quickly and easily using tinned tomatoes. Yes! Forget blanching and peeling mass quantities of fresh tomatoes, that’s far too much work and the tinned ones are actually better – the flavour is more concentrated and all the work is done for you.

Using Cape Herb & Spice Rogan Josh Curry Spice is convenient and quick and there’s zero compromise on quality. No need for 20 packets of different spices – they’ve created the perfect blend for you.

We’ve also got a super easy homemade flatbread recipe that you can serve alongside it but there is no judgment if you go store bought. That’s what we call, boxing clever!

Get the Recipe for Rogan Josh Tomato Soup

Oven-Baked Mashed Potato Bacon Cakes au Gratin

Bacon Potato Cakes au Gratin_Cape HerbCape Herb BannersEven though we’re short on time, that doesn’t mean we need to be short on imagination. Take regular mashed potato and make it into these tasty, and dare we say, quite zhoush-looking potato ‘cakes’.

If you’re hosting friends and need something that adds some pep to your plate, this is it.

Potatoes are funny things – very plain Jane on their own but with the right seasoning, they’re a always a crowd pleaser. We’ve used Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasoning Sprinkle to add some pizzazz to these potatoes, and other than a little butter for creaminess, you really don’t need anything else.

Use a ring mould to setup the potato cakes on an oven tray and give an additional shake of Veggie Seasoning Sprinkle; top with cheese and bake. Voilà! Potatoes that pack a punch!

Get the recipe for these Oven-Baked Mashed Potato Bacon Cakes au Gratin | Facebook | Instagram

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