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Johannesburg, Jozi, Egoli, the City of Gold… whatever you call it, this metropolitan hub is buzzing with opportunity if you know where to look. Big city life can be all-consuming though and it’s easy to get sucked into the mental checklist… did I switch the iron off? Was I supposed to sign that homework book? Did someone feed the dog? The real question is, where are you on this list? Take a look at these morning activities in Johannesburg, find one that fits your vibe and then carve out some time to do something fun! Start your day the Nutrific way – grab a healthy breakfast and be ready to take on an active and productive day.

BOUNCE Your Way Into Fun

Welcome to the house of fun… well, that’s what we think their tag line should be anyway! BOUNCE indoor trampoline parks provide an adrenaline rush for all ages, adults included.

These trampoline centres are decked out with more than 100 interconnected trampolines, as well as other fun activities like slam-dunk arenas, dodgeball and giant airbags to practice and perfect your landings.

Not only can you have a ridiculously fun time embracing your inner Tigger, but it’s also a great workout and an opportunity to learn some mad skills at the same time.

There are 4 locations around Jozi, so there’s bound to be one that is accessible to you. BOUNCE is a fun and safe way for you and your family to get high… with a soft landing guaranteed!

Price: General Admission: R130 per person

Get to Know Joe at Bean There Coffee

Bean there coffee JHBWe all know that a good morning starts with a freshly brewed cuppa Joe but how much do you actually know about coffee? Bean There Coffee Roastery at 44 Stanley Avenue offers a cupping morning, which is essentially a tasting and sensory experience that takes you through the world of coffee.

You’ll learn about the process of coffee farming and exactly what it takes for it to go from bean to cup.

If you appreciate the nuances of your brew then this is the morning activity in Johannesburg for you.

Price: R180 per person

Have an Al Fresco Brekkie at Zoo Lake

Fancy enjoying your Nutrific breakfast in the great outdoors? Us too! Make the family breakfast experience an alfresco one with a brekkie picnic at Zoo Lake. Pack everything you need into a basket (almond milk, nuts, seeds fruit, your Nutrific etc) add in a flask of coffee and off you go. If you have any leftover stale bread, pop that into your basket too – the resident ducks and geese will love you for it and the kids can keep themselves entertained feeding them.

Zoo Lake has two dams and if the mood grabs you, you can rent a rowboat and get in a great arm workout while you take in the views.

If that’s not your thing, you can also just stroll or jog around the grounds; this takes roughly one to two hours to cover depending on the route you take. A fun morning activity in Johannesburg that can lead into the afternoon.

Price: Free but take some cash if you want to rent a boat.

Take a Hike at Melville Koppies Reserve

Melville-Kopppies-HikeThe landscape of Jozi is different from other parts of the country – getting your fix of the great outdoors is a bit more challenging when the concrete tends to outweigh the jungle.

Thankfully, Melville Koppies provides some much needed green respite. This nature reserve and heritage site is separated into three parts – Central, West and East. Central is only open on Sunday mornings, you’ll be given a map and can take a self-guided walk and enjoy some glorious Johannesburg views, no dogs allowed, unfortunately.

West is only open on the first Saturday of every month, with hikes starting at 8h00, socialised dogs are allowed (yay Fido!). East is open daily from dawn to dusk and you may hike here with socialised dogs too. So fuel up with a healthy Nutrific breakfast, don your thick socks and get hiking. This morning activity in Johannesburg is one for the whole family.

Price: Central: R80 per person & R40 for children | West: R30 donation | East: Free

Get Your Heart Pumping at Soweto Towers

Soweto TowersEver hear of a SCAD freefall? Us neither. Let’s bring you up to speed – imagine yourself suspended mid-air hundreds of metres up, then basically being dropped and hurtling backwards into the equivalent of a giant human fishnet. Oh, and did we mention this takes place inside a massive cement cooling tower? Sound fun? Then you’re in the right place!

The Soweto Towers was once a coal-fired power station, now decommissioned, the firepower now comes in the form of death-defying activities that you can take part in instead.

You can bungee jump (pick from regular or the straight jacket variety!) take a walk on the suspension bridge, SCAD freefall, rock climb or play a round of paintball. No matter what you choose, you’re bound to have an adrenaline-packed morning.

Price: Bungee Jumping: R630 per person | Free Falling: R400 per person | Climbing: R48 per person

Get into the Swing of things at World of Golf

If you’re looking for a more casual start to your morning, why not swing into your day at Momentum World of Golf. If you’re a novice and are thinking of venturing into the sport, you can learn the basics and practise in a non-intimidating environment – swing away unabashedly, no one is counting the misses!

If you already play you can hone your skills even further with the help of private lessons or get in some putting practice before your first meeting.

If you’re entirely not into golf (that’s ok) you can visit the onsite spa, MoreWellness, for a little R&R or grab brekkie at Dimples Café. The best part is that World of Kids caters to the littlies; parents are freed up to relax kids exhaust themselves on the 2000 sqm play area full of slides, jungle gyms, swings and kid-friendly play.

Price: They’ve got different prices for different memberships | Non-members: R219

Connect with Nature at Thaba Trails

If exploring the great outdoors by pedal or foot sounds like your kinda gig, then put Thaba Trails on your to-do list. We suggest fueling up with a Nutrific brekkie and then heading out to the 450ha Klipriviersburg Nature Reserve in Mulbarton, south of Joburg. Mountain bikers will find well-marked trails across the area colour coded in yellow, green, blue and black and indicating the expected difficulty and skill level.

When they say nature reserve they do mean nature, expect to see impala, wildebeest, zebra and springbok on your journey.

There are also trails for runners and since this reserve is often referred to as ‘the jewel of the south’ you know it’s going to be a lush and green escape. Look out for wildlife, rare birds and take in the views that really make you feel like you’re miles away from the big city.

Price: Once entering, you must enter the office to pay a small fee.


Namaste at Home with Yoga Lova

Dealing with Joburg traffic can be enough to tie a person in knots. The good news is that you can get in a trusted morning yoga session with Yoga Lova, without even having to leave your lounge. Sign up for their unlimited online yoga classes and enjoy a session on your mat in your own time and space. This is awesome if you work from home or have an early meeting that you just won’t make if you have to get to a studio.

We love that there are sessions tailored for specific criteria, like yoga for runners and yoga for lower back pain.

There is no pressure to be somewhere at a specific time, so you can really embrace all the stress-relieving and healing benefits of your practice and ease into your day in a calm way. Wake up, roll out of bed, unroll your mat and get going.

Price: R299 a month

Take a Moment to Breathe at the Johannesburg Botanical Garden

Studies have shown that taking a walk through relaxed settings like gardens or forests can help relieve stress, and, in a big city like Jozi, this is paramount. Why not take advantage of the gorgeous surroundings of the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and start your morning with a tranquil walk through one of the seven gardens on offer.

After you’re done with your stroll, you can stop at the café located near the main entrance and pick up a coffee.

The good news is that home-packed picnic baskets are welcome, so if you want to bring your own breakfast and enjoy after your stroll you totally can. Tuck into a bowl of Nutrific for a really well-rounded start to your day.

Twist and Twirl at Northgate Ice Rink

Have you dreamt of gracefully twirling the ice like Michelle Kwan? Well, here is your chance. The Northgate Shopping Centre ice rink is a great place to get in some fun exercise and do something a little out of the ordinary. Here’s an idea – gather your besties and plan a morning of fire and ice; some twirls on the ice followed by hot choc at one of the centre’s cafés, along with a good natter – sounds like bliss!

If you’re a complete newbie and want to learn the basics before attempting on your own you can book in for a class to get you started. The rink is open through summer and winter from 09h30.

Price: R80 per person | R35 skate rental

Wake Up Your Mind at Amazing Mazes

If the traffic in JHB isn’t mind-bending enough for you, you can stretch your skills even further at Honeydew Mazes!

Explore different giant mazes, venture into secret gardens and complete challenging quizzes.

This fun activity will have you tapping deeper into your problem-solving skills… beyond the usual Excel spreadsheets. Getting yourself out of convoluted labyrinths and solving flummoxing puzzles is a great way to give your mind a mental workout. 

Picnic baskets are welcome, so you don’t have to worry about missing that bowl of Nutrific cereal. It’s the perfect weekend activity! 

Price: Adults: R150 | Children R100

Entertain the Whole Family at Rietvlei Zoo Farm

A short distance from the inner-city and to the south of Johannesburg is Rietvlei Zoo Farm. Finding something to do that suits the whole family can definitely be a challenge but Rietvlei has activities that cover a lot of bases. There are marked trails for running, walking, hiking and mountain bike riding. They’ve also got a picnic location, as well as a mosaic pot workshop.

Perfect your swing at the driving range, bag the one that got away at the fishing spot, or enjoy a leisurely picnic.

All of this in a safe and tranquil setting – the perfect morning activity can become an activity-packed all-day excursion for the whole family. If you’re interested in using the trails before/after work, they are open every day from 06h00 to 18h00.

Price: Trails: R40 per person

Be the best version of yourself by starting each day the right way – a healthy Nutrific breakfast, an inspiring activity and a positive outlook ensure that every day is supercharged and successful. Today is your day and it’s waiting for you! | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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