Our Round Up of Beautiful Baked Puddings

Words: Tam Selley

Winter is on the horizon and with it brings colder, rainier days. The perfect weather to snuggle up on the couch with a cozy blanket. It’s also the perfect weather to enjoy delicious, decadent and downright beautiful puds that winter has to offer. Calories in winter don’t count, right? For this reason we’ve rounded up our favourite baked puddings for you to bookmark on your laptops, tablets and phones to keep for the chilly nights of the year.

Our Favourite Baked Puddings


This speedy chocolate mug cake is made in only 5 minutes and is as impressive as it is delicious! Perfect for those rainy nights.

Recipe for Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake


Everything taste better when it’s bite-sized! A favourite South African dessert in mini form. Use a giant muffin tin or individual moulds to take your malva to dinner party-worthy status.

Recipe for Mini Malva Puddings 

Baked Carrot and Coconut Custard

Who said you can’t get some veggies in with your dessert? This delicious baked pudding is reminiscent of pumpkin pie, served with double cream yoghurt drizzled with honey and topped with sweet pecan nut brittle.

Recipe for Baked Carrot and Coconut Custard

Blueberry Roly-Poly

This little twist on the traditional roly-poly pudding has lashings of jam and syrup and all the beautiful blueberries you can dream of.

Recipe for Blueberry Roly-Poly

Baked Puddings
Baked Puddings

Date Pudding with Ginger Syrup and Brandy

A heart-warming South African classic with dreamy dates and sticky ginger syrup.

Recipe for Date Pudding with Ginger Syrup and Brandy

Chocolate Steamed Pudding with Chocolate Ganache

This warm and decadent pud is a perfect tummy warmer for a cold winters night, and so pretty too!

Recipe for Chocolate Steamed Pudding with Marbled Ganache

Baked Puddings
Baked Puddings

Baked Citrus Pudding

A beautifully light and fluffy baked pudding with a scrumptious citrus sauce…

Recipe for Baked Citrus Pudding

Triple Berry Meringue Streusel

The tartness of berries complemented by the crunchiness of meringue streusel makes this a tea-time favourite.

Recipe for Triple Berry Meringue Streusel

Baked Puddings
Baked Puddings

White Chocolate Malva Pudding

This version of a classic ups the ante with the addition of white chocolate.

Recipe for White Chocolate Malva Pudding

Salted Caramel Pecan Nut Pie

Pecan nut pie is one of the most popular and beloved baked puddings – this version adds a twist of dreamy salted caramel for extra delish factor.

Recipe for Salted Caramel Pecan Nut Pie

Pain Au Chocolat Bread and Butter Pudding

A modern version made all the more decadent by using chocolate pastries – yum!

Recipe for Pain Au Chocolat Bread and Butter Pudding

Pear & Honey Vanilla Pudding

This homey pud is like a hug in a bowl, sweet pears, sponge cake and warm orange syrup bring this dessert to a whole new level – just add lashings of custard and feel the happiness unfold.

Recipe for Pear & Honey Vanilla Pudding

Baked Puddings
Baked Puddings

Raspberry & Vanilla Apple Crumble with Crème Anglaise

This little twist on apple pie is to die for, the classic flavours of apple pie combined with fresh raspberries, a heavenly crumble and lots of fresh crème anglaise. The addition of raspberries lends a tartness that is positively moreish.

Recipe for Raspberry & Vanilla Apple Crumble with Crème Anglaise

Blueberry & Vanilla Bread & Butter Pudding

This decadent take on traditional bread and butter pudding uses croissants for extra indulgence and is decorated with flaked almonds and blueberries.

Recipe for Blueberry & Vanilla Bread & Butter Pudding

Baked Puddings
Baked Puddings

Pecan & Pear Sticky Caramel Pudding

It’s sweet and sticky, and with a blob of good vanilla ice cream, it’s the perfect end to a successful braai.

Recipe for Pecan & Pear Sticky Caramel Pudding

Chocolate Soufflé with Hot Chocolate Sauce

One of the most impressive ways to cook with chocolate. A dinner party winner!

Recipe for Chocolate Soufflé with Hot Chocolate Sauce

Baked Puddings
Baked Puddings

Steamed Honey & Almond Fig Pudding

These steamed puds are a perfect winter dessert. Warm, gooey and with delicious flavours of fig and almond.

Recipe for Steamed Honey & Almond Fig Pudding

Plum Cobbler with Chocolate Balsamic Sauce

This rustic comforting winter dessert is filled with sweet bubbling plum smothered in a rich chocolate sauce.

Recipe Plum Cobbler with Chocolate Balsamic Sauce

Baked Puddings
Baked Puddings

White Choc Pecan Bread and Butter Pudding with Marshmallow Sauce

This is a whopper of a baked pudding – yummy nutty crunch, plus baked pastry and gooey marshmallow sauce. It’s the dessert trifecta.

Recipe for Bread and Butter Pudding

Boozy Self Saucing Choc Pudding

Boozy and chocolaty – what more can you want?

Recipe for Boozy Self Saucing Choc Pudding

For more winter warming inspiration, check out our favourite comfort food recipes.

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