AGT Foods Africa brings in Superfoods

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AGT Foods Africa has announced that it will soon be joining the superfoods trend with the launch of its own line of superfoods.

The term “superfood” has become an often used buzzword in the language of food and health. Superfoods are just that, foods that contain significantly higher quantities of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other health-boosting, anti-ageing, disease-fighting goodies.

Each superfood product packs various nutrients with different health benefits associated with them. They offer consumers a substantially high amount of nutrients with the minimum intake of calories. They play an instrumental role in prolonging lifespan and minimising the risk of chronic diseases while contributing to a healthier diet.

“The movement towards clean eating reflects a change in how consumers view food. Consumers are searching for nutritional information and equating diet with overall well-being,” says Dean Miller, marketing manager, AGT Foods. “Consumers are digging deeper for information about the food they eat and are looking for foods that will improve their health.”

AGT Foods Africa processes and distributes seeds, grains, pulses, flours and spices for the food industry throughout South Africa. The company uses only clean ingredients, which are wholesome, environmentally friendly and non-GMO.

The following superfoods will be launched under AGT Foods Africa:

Maca Root
Cacao powder and nibs
Camu camu powder
Baobab fruit powder
Black quinoa
Hemp hearts
Pearl couscous

Make this delicious drink containing both superfoods Maca and Cacao for yourself at home.

Maca Mocha

1 cup milk
1-2 shots espresso
2 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp cacao powder
¼ tsp vanilla

Warm the milk.
Place all of the ingredients in a blender
Blend for 30 seconds or until frothy, enjoy!

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Check out our list of superfoods and what they can bring to your diet.

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