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Coastal Region

Winery of Good Hope Whole Berry Pinotage

Coastal Region

Introducing the latest release from The Winery of Good Hope – this is not the usual tannic, over-ripe, over-the top alcohol Pinotage – this is Whole Berry Pinotage; smooth, succulent, juicy and delicious. The Winery of Good Hope has been exploring new techniques with Pinotage, working carefully with its temperamental nature and have leaned towards its Pinot Noir parentage, employing a much gentler winemaking method, whole berry fermentation. This Carbonic maceration process generates a lighter extraction, while the avoidance of any oak whatsoever reveals the hidden, wholesome fruit this variety can offer. No intervention, no affectation.

Tasting notes: On the nose, dark fruits of blackberry and black cherry. On the palate: rich and inviting with juicy dark fruits – black plum, blackberry, clove spice and a generous weight and silky, smooth finish.