Where The Dalmore Whiskies Get Their Signature Characteristic From

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The Dalmore whisky house style derives from a close and trusted relationship that was forged with Sherry house Gonzalez Byass over 100 years ago. The rare 30-year-old Matusalem Oloroso Sherry casks from the renowned bodega are exclusive to The Dalmore. These casks enrich the signature chocolate and orange character of their whisky with rich and nutty flavours.

the dalmore whisky house casks

The Dalmore’s Heritage

The Dalmore’s heritage dates back to 1263. It was in this year that Colin of Kintail, Chief of the Clan Mackenzie, saved King Alexander III from the fury of a charging stag. In recognition of this noble act, the King granted the Mackenzie Clan the right to use the 12-pointed Royal stag emblem on their coat of arms.

When descendants of the Clan became owners of The Dalmore distillery in 1867, the Royal Stag became the recognisable icon that proudly adorns each bottle of their whisky today; an emblem which encapsulates a rich past whilst also embodying a promise that The Dalmore will remain at the pinnacle

Exceptional Casks

A pioneer in the art of cask curation, Master Distiller, Richard Paterson has been the creative force behind this whisky for nearly five decades.

The Dalmore
The Dalmore

The Dalmore continues an age-old heritage that treasures the sanctity of the cask. Their precious spirit is finessed in exceptional casks, hand-selected by Richard Paterson and sourced from the world’s finest bodegas and exclusive wineries.

To create a more complex character, some of their whiskies benefit from an extra flourish in additional casks. Every cask that they source is of impeccable quality and hand-selected to produce their renowned Single Malt Whisky.

Master Distiller, Richard Paterson

Inspired by the vision of The Dalmore’s founder, Sir Alexander Matheson, and the achievements of the Mackenzie family who came before him – Richard is admired across the globe for his passion and innovative flair.

Master Distiller, Richard Paterson

Throughout these 50 years, Richard Paterson has been on a mission to push the boundaries of what is possible in whisky production and the art of cask curation. His unparalleled expertise and intimate knowledge of rare and precious casks have produced truly iconic, ground-breaking expressions from The Dalmore, that set the standard in Single Malt Whisky.

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