Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Spoil Mom With

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

It’s that time of year again where we’re all running around looking for the right gift for mom. We get it, shopping for your mom, stepmom, grandma or maternal figure is incredibly stressful but we’re here to make it better. How can one gift show your mom how much you love and appreciate her? Well, we think our curated list with unique Mother’s Day gift ideas will definitely show her you care! Now you can spend more time planning the perfect Mother’s Day meal.

Get Cooking With Instant Pot

unique Mother's DayIf your mom loves to cook and is always looking for new and inventive recipes to try, the Instant Pot might be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. The best part? Meals can be done in under an hour!

From lamb shank and sous vide steak, to oxtail, cheesecakes and chocolate torte; thousands of recipes will guide her every step of the way.

You truly can make almost anything in an Instant Pot. The Instant Pot® Duo Plus is SA’s most advanced smart cooker. It features 9 appliances in 1, including Sous Vide.

instantpot.co.za | Instagram

Enjoy Something Lighthearted with Perdeberg

unique Mother's DayLooking for a gift for the health-conscious mom? Perdeberg’s new Lighthearted range of low alcohol wines ticks that box with a wine to suit every palate. The range is made up of a Chenin, a Cinsault Rosé and a Pinotage, of which the Rosé and Pinotage are both vegan, so also a great gift idea for mindful vegan moms. The beauty of this range is that there’s no compromise – these are great-tasting wines that can be enjoyed at any social occasion.

Choosing Lighthearted means that mom can still enjoy an elegant and refreshing wine, just with less guilt.

The wines were crafted with easygoing vibes in mind and are intended to be enjoyed alongside a fresh salad or a light dish of grilled fish. This is a great gift for mom, especially if she’s not a big drinker but still loves the social aspect of enjoying a glass of great wine. Also, how pretty are those labels? No extra gift-wrapping even required! A unique Mother’s Day gift indeed!

perdeberg.co.za | Instagram

TeaTime with The Tea Chest

This exclusive Treasure Chest Series gift box is the pressie for a tea-loving mom. This designer box of exclusive teas, carefully curated by The Tea Chest, will introduce her to unique teas not available elsewhere, as well as treasured classics.

Presented in a bespoke black gift box featuring a beautiful Camellia Sinensis illustration, this exclusive designer box pays homage to the origins of tea.

It includes a selection of 5 fine Chinese teas to explore and enjoy. Whether mom is looking to begin her journey in the world of tea or is a tea fundi looking to further expand her tea knowledge, this experience, is a must. Going back to the roots of where tea was discovered 5,000 years ago, from a delicate white tea to a matured Pu-Erh, she can explore a variety of teas originating in China. A truly unique experience to enjoy or to gift to mom. Available for a limited time only.

theteachest.co.za | Instagram

Graham Beck Cap Classique Is Always In Style

unique Mother's DayIf your mom enjoys the finer things in life then Graham Beck’s Pinot Noir Rosé might be the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day. With its gorgeous salmon pink colour, sumptuous strawberry notes and rich, creamy complexity, Graham Beck’s award-winning Pinot Noir Rosé Cap Classique represents a pioneering winemaking innovation. This extraordinary bubbly spent five years on the lees before disgorging.

The Pinot Noir lends aromas of ripe blueberries and subtle spiciness, while on the palate there is an explosion of raspberry and delicate honeysuckle. This year sees the South African Wine Industry celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cap Classique (the Cape’s famous bottle-fermented sparkling wines) – yet another reason to celebrate marvellous milestones with a glass of Graham Beck Pinot Noir Rosé!

From a languid picnic under the stars to a five-star meal – this bubbly’s sheer versatility makes it the ideal companion for indulging in life’s little pleasures.

A beautiful gift that a bubbly-loving mom will really appreciate.


Get Spiced Up With Funky Ouma

unique Mother's DayIf your mom enjoys cooking and all things food-related as much as we do, then she will absolutely adore a gift from Funky Ouma. They offer wonderful farm fresh herb-filled salts and spice for everyday use, especially for a braai. Fresh oregano, rosemary and lemon zest are the foundation of Funky Ouma’s signature flavour. It’s a tastier, healthier and natural substitute to your everyday salts and spices.

Funky Ouma offers a wide variety of salts and seasonings packed in grinders and trendy, beautifully designed tins.

Completely natural and with no preservatives, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, Funky Ouma can turn a meal into a feast! 100% woman-owned, Funky Ouma really is the ideal gift for mom. Small gestures can make a huge difference! When ordering online, you can add a special note and they will include this note in your gift making it a special and unique Mother’s Day gift!

funky-ouma.co.za  | Instagram

Get Sizzling With Tefal

We all love some sneaky fried foods, don’t we? Well, moms do too but they generally choose healthier options because they’re better for the family. Well, Tefal makes that super easy with their new Tefal EasyFry hot air fryer. It’s the healthier solution for cooking everyday crispy fried foods. Mom can fry, roast, grill and bake all the family favourites with little to no oil.

Easy Fry’s Air Pulse technology provides a hot cyclonic airflow that gives an irresistible crisp. Enjoy great variety with no effort thanks to 8 preset menus: fries, cutlets, shrimp, cake, pizza, fish, grill, roast. Its exclusive basket system offers an XL capacity in a compact, modern, stainless steel design, with a large digital touchscreen panel. It will be a great Mother’s Day indeed with the Tefal EasyFry hot air fryer!

yuppiechef.com| Instagram

Living Eco – Sustainable Shopping is Here!

This is the perfect place to shop for the eco-conscious mama! Living Eco provides beautiful alternatives to single-use plastic, encouraging consumers to be conscious and showing people that being eco-friendly can be easy and affordable.

They’ve got goods that range from cotton bags all the way to razors.

Bringing your own reusable bag to the shops is a good way to start being more eco-conscious and this cute tote will make sure mom does it in style.

livingeco.co.za | Instagram

Step out in Style with Silver Lining Gumboots

unique Mother's DayWinter is slowly approaching and with that comes (hopefully) copious amounts of rain. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean your mom can’t be fashionable. Silver Lining Gumboots are a great gift for mom, especially one who treasures her garden or loves country living.

They’re cute, they’re affordable and they’re made from 100% recycled PVC.

They are also super easy to clean, simply wipe and wear!

silverlininggumboots.co.za | Instagram

Hemls Bringing the Health Benefits

If your mom is a true blue foodie with an eye for design, then this gorgeously packaged Hemls cold extracted extra virgin olive oil might just be the perfect gift for her. This brand new, nourishing olive oil is produced locally in the Western Cape from hand-picked Mission and Frantoio olives.

Apart from the beautiful packaging, this high-quality olive oil promises to be blissfully nourishing for the body.

Trust us, mom will love this beautiful olive oil, ideal for drizzling, dipping and dressing her favourite salad.


Brighten Up With Botanilab

unique Mother's DayA good skincare regime is a must and we’re sure your mom appreciates the importance of doing it right. Why not give her the gift of paraben and cruelty-free skincare products that are locally made, right here in SA. Formulated with natural essential oils and vegan-friendly.

We just love the Botanilab range of products and the simple yet stylish packaging.

Not only are you giving your mom something useful and unique but you’re also supporting a local business. A win-win in our books!

botanilab.co.za | Instagram

Dough It Myself

This right here will bring a smile to your mom’s face. Edible cookie dough that doesn’t require any baking, how perfectly glutenous? It’s also a super fun and unique Mother’s Day gift! If you prefer home-baked cookies, they also sell premade cookie dough that you can just plop onto a baking tray and get perfectly delicious home-baked cookies.

The perfect gift for a time-pressed mom who loves the idea of a freshly baked good!

Pair it with a bottle of Graham Beck and your mom will be on cloud 9 on Mother’s Day.


Farah Hernadez Ceramic

Hand-made ceramics crafted right here in the Mother City. These ceramics are perfectly quirky and will liven up any home, making them a great talking piece for guests.

This is also a women-owned business and it’s important to support female-run businesses, especially on a special day like Mother’s Day.

Mom will love whatever you get her from Farah Hernadez Ceramic, we promise!

dar-al-hurra.com | Instagram

Get Funky With Okra Candle

unique Mother's DayOne of the biggest trends to come out in 2021 is candles. It shouldn’t be a surprise, 2020 was a stressful year, so in 2021 people are trying to find new ways to help them relax and candles are known to do just that.

Okra candles are unconventional, fun candles that will bring joy to your home and might even help mom feel more tranquil.

A unique Mother’s Day gift that will have her telling all her friends about.

okracandle.co.za | Instagram

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