Small Producers, Big on Quality The Publik Wine Fair 2018

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The Publik Wine Fair 2018, to be held on 15 July, is an artisan wine tasting event created to introduce visitors to a selection of exciting new wines made by smaller, independent producers.

Over 100 wines will be poured by more than 25 winemakers at the tasting, the inaugural edition of an event set to become an annual celebration of artisan wines.

publik wine fair 2018

Organised by Publik, the wine merchants that have built a reputation for championing smaller producers and lesser-known grape varieties, this event is an opportunity for them to share some of their favourite wines and introduce guests to the winemakers responsible.

“There’s a whole world of really good, small-production South African wines that few people get to experience,” says David Cope of Publik, “This is a chance for us to show these wines amongst a handful of well-known independent producers.”

Visitors will enjoy the chance to taste rare, small-production wines and unusual grape varieties as well as engage with winemakers and growers who share an irreducible passion for crafting quality wine.

“Yes, we’ve got the popular grape varieties, but what excites me more is the chance for visitors to taste wines made from Carignan, Roussanne, Alicante Bouschet, Durif, Pinot Gris and other uncommon grapes,” adds Cope, “These make for some of the most interesting wines around.”

The event is being held at their warehouse premises in Salt River, with tickets limited to 300 people at R200 per person. Tickets are available online. No tickets will be available at the door.

For those up in Johannesburg thinking they’re missing out, there is a Publik Wine Fair event there planned for October 2018.

Read more about Publik Wine Bar here.

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