The Chicken Shop

CRUSH VISITS - March 2017

Fast-casual dining done right.

Opening hours:
10h00 - 22h00 daily

162 Main Road, Sea Point

060 748 0145 | e w


The concept of fast-casual dining is still fairly new to our shores but the trend has been growing elsewhere in the world at a rapid rate. This is probably due to the fact that people are more health conscious than ever before but are also more time pressured, so convenience is a really important. But, we don’t like to compromise, we want the best of both worlds, and that’s where this dining concept slots in. Fast food doesn’t need to be unhealthy food, which is something that the fast-casual concept proves.

That’s why we’re excited about The Chicken Shop, the latest addition to the group behind Jarryd’s Espresso Bar & Eatery in Sea Point. The idea is that you can pop in and pop out pretty quickly and still have a decent meal. There is some seating but its minimal; you place your order at the counter, pay and take your food with you – either home or to a table. The set up is kind of cafeteria-style, you choose your protein at the beginning of the counter, move along to choose your sides and then pay.

So, as the name suggests, what’s on offer is mainly chicken, which comes in a variety of styles, and the great news is that it’s free-range. You can choose from juicy charcoal grilled rotisserie chicken, Portuguese spatchcock, a chicken burger (buttermilk fried or grilled) or schnitzel. If you really aren’t in the mood for chook, you can have roast leg of lamb or lamb shoulder. After picking your protein, you’re off to the salad and side section where you’ll find a yummy and varied choice. Think fresh tomato salad with chopped pecan nuts and fennel, dressed greek salad, green salad and potato salad. There are also hot sides such as creamed spinach, roast pumpkin and cauliflower, corn on the cob and some crackingly good potato wedges.

We tried the rotisserie chicken and a buttermilk fried chicken burger. The rotisserie chicken was juicy and flavoursome and the buttermilk fried chicken burger was crunchy, golden and so incredibly tender. A win on all fronts. There are also yummy housemade sauces on offer, we highly recommend the garlicky aioli and the peri-peri sauce – delish slathered on everything!

So if you’re looking to grab a quick bite but want something unprocessed, fresh and delicious, there is really no reason why you can’t enjoy all those things and quickly. Brother duo, Jarryd and Ariel Segal, have successfully created a funky spot that offers good, honest food that you can grab on the go and know that you’re eating something that isn’t junk.

Fast food doesn't have to be unhealthy.