Table Thirteen

CRUSH VISITS - June 2015

A cosy little cafe that offers great value and homemade food in a friendly environment.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 07h00 to 16h00, Sat 08h00 to 13h00

78 Victoria Junction, Ebenezer Street, Greenpoint

021 4180739 | e w


At many restaurants table number 13 doesn’t exist. Call it not wanting to tempt fate or just plain superstition, but it’s a fact. Many restaurateurs opt to number tables from 12 to 14 just to banish any chance of bringing bad energy into the space. At Table Thirteen in Greenpoint they’ve forgone that myth altogether and called the whole place by that name. Instead of relying on luck, they rely on serving great food and coffee with a side of old-fashioned hospitality.

The restaurant was taken over by its current owners, Claudio and Leanka in February this year and they’ve introduced personal touches that bring warmth to the space. The quaint interior is dotted with retro photos and personal mementos in tones of cream and minty green, and a vintage coffee machine in the same colours takes pride of place on the counter. The gorgeous Italian Crema Caffe machine is 50 years old and adds a wonderful stylish touch and makes delicious Deluxe coffee.

The menu consists of a variety of options for breakfast and lunch. For brekkie, served all day, choose from items such as the Iberian – poached eggs, chorizo, tomato and spinach served with rye, or Parmesan eggs en cocotte with Marmite soldiers. For lunch, there is a great selection of dishes – farm-style cheese, onion and tomato Portuguese roll toastie with sweet potato and butternut chips, or if you like to build-your-own, you can follow the 1-2-3 menu behind the counter and build the sarmie of your dreams. From 11h00 to 15h00 everyday there is also a selection of deli items such as golden phyllo chicken pie. The key to the menu here is that items are prepared daily and baked in-house; even the juices are prepared on site. If you have a sweet tooth you will not be able to bypass the cake table laden with gorgeous chocolate brownies, carrot cake and more. Make sure you don’t leave without a take home treat of a bag of freshly baked biscuits!

Table Thirteen is a cosy little spot that is well worth a visit. You can be assured of receiving a friendly welcome as well as delicious, homemade food served with love.

Cosy & quaint