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Back in 2004, Yongama Skweyiya and Francois Bezuidenhout met in a tiny university residence of Huis Marais, at Stellenbosch. A friendship developed that would one day lead to the ideation of a premium spirits brand, Pimville Drinks Co.

Pimville Drinks Co.

Pimville Drinks Co. Inspiration

The inspiration for Pimville Gin came from the story of James Howard Pim, who emigrated from Ireland in 1890 to become a city councillor in Johannesburg.

The first of the Johannesburg townships, Pimville, was named after this remarkable man who was widely regarded as an advocate for Africans. In 1933, well-known townships like Orlando and Klipspruit joined Pimville to form what is today known as Soweto – and so Pimville Gin was born.

A little over 6 months ago, Yongama and Francois embarked on the commercial launch of Pimville Gin.

“We have been very fortunate to have received such a warm reception in the market and from our customers,” says Yongama

Community Upliftment

Francois and Yongama’s aim is to now embark on their expanded strategy to become a leading brand in South Africa, offering their great product across all retail outlets and major lifestyle and nightlife hangout spots.

“For that to realise, we would like to ask for your support, we are raising capital to allow us to invest into greater marketing, distribution and allow us to uplift our community in Pimville, Soweto,” says Yongama.

Pimville Drinks Co. ThundaFund

Francois and Yongama’s aim is to contribute to the tertiary education of one young person to study in the fields of logistics/marketing where they can join Pimville Drinks Co. after their course completion.

“Furthermore, we would like to support the Pimville local primary school, where we can offer children in need with required stationery and school clothing for the year. Please help us grow our business and to play a significant role in the upliftment of our community.” says Yongama.

Pimville Drinks Co.

To support Pimville Drinks Co. visit and donate at their Thundafund page. Fantastic prizes are on offer to you for your assistance. | | Facebook

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