Wine Sparkling Champagne

1682 Pinot Noir MCC


Some occasions call for something even more special and extraordinary – then is the right time to spend a bit extra on a bottle of French Champagne. I was introduced to this champagne for the first time in November last year at the annual Wine Concepts French Champagne Festival. In fact, the occasion coincided with the launch of Jacquart in the South African market. The wine was so well received that it turned out to be the most popular wine at the festival.

The cuvee has the finesse and butteriness of Chardonnay combined with the ripeness of Pinot Meunier. The big difference is in the addition of Pinot Noir which was vinified as a red wine before it was added to the blend. This results in a wine full of red berry flavours, but with a lovely citrus twist.

Stéphane Duchiron from restaurant ‘LES FOUGERES’ in Paris recommends,  “My perfect summer match would be with a red fruit soup spiced with green cardamom and in winter, a clementine shortcake with star anise and confit citrus zest.”