Stacked Diner

CRUSH VISITS - June 2017

Stacked diner serves up tasty food that's ethically minded and totally tasty.

Opening hours:

60B Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town,

021 422 1572 | e w


The colour yellow symbolises happiness, positivity and warmth, and these are qualities that Stacked Diner embraces – like a hug from a dear friend. The staff will greet you with a welcoming smile, there’s a definite  “Where everybody knows your name” kind of vibe. Familiarity comes across in their décor, as well as their food, which is comforting, simple and honest.

We know that honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to preparing food. I usually measure a restaurant by how well the chef(s) prepare a humble burger and fries. Albeit classic, there are elements that can be butchered fairly easily. I ordered Stacked’s original burger topped with caramelised onions, chipotle tomato relish, jalapenos, lettuce and a side order of fries. They rose to the occasion by delivering a burger that was packed full of flavour. The patty was well seasoned, succulent and it fell apart with each bite. The caramelised onions were sweet, yet the jalapenos packed quite a punch. The fries were golden, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Within a matter of minutes there was no trace of the meal.

After scanning through their menu again, my dining buddy and I decided to order their chicken wings too. Wherever we go, we feel the need to try chicken wings. I used this as a litmus test to see whether Stacked had a catalogue of potential hits, or if it was just the one. In short, the wings were worthy of a winning trophy – this may seem like a big statement, possibly buck wild, but trust me when I say that they deserve to be crowned champion. Like Mayweather throwing punches at his opponents, these wings came through with a delicious assault on the taste buds. They were generously dressed in a sticky and sweet barbeque sauce that had a subtle spiciness to it. The chicken was delicious and was cooked just how it’s supposed to be – tender and juicy. As for the skin, it had a nice crunch that added a textural element to the dish. There is a phrase my friends and I use “don’t get lost in the sauce”, which means don’t fall for the hype, but this situation was the exception, the sauce is worth getting lost in. They found a place on my list of “the tastiest wings I’ve had so far.” If you are a fan of chicken wings, I highly recommend you pay this spot a visit and devour them.

As a conscious diner you’ll be glad to know that Stacked goes out of its way to ensure that you are eating ethically. Their beef is grass-fed and free range, their chicken and eggs are free range and they make their veggie patties in-house from fresh ingredients every day.

In conclusion, not only did the food at Stacked make my taste buds rejoice but the visit didn’t burn a hole in my wallet. If you’re looking for wholesome food that is tasty and satisfying I’d highly recommend visiting Stacked Diner. It’s worth every Madiba, including the silver coins.

Words Dumi Mparutsa

A definite crowd pleaser, Stacked is the perfectplace to hangout, connect and share a delicious with friends any day of the week