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white chocolate and coffee mousse

White Chocolate and Coffee Mousse


This is a decadent dessert with a lovely light texture that is sure to impress at a dinner party. The coffee gives it a sophisticated flavour and the hazelnuts add crunchy texture.

  • Makes : 6 |

  • Prep Time : 30 mins |
  • Cook Time : 0 mins
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300 g good-quality white chocolate
2/5 C (100 ml) milk
3 tsp (15 ml) espresso powder
1 C (250 ml) fresh cream
2 egg whites
¼ C (60 ml) chopped roasted hazelnuts

¼ C (60 ml) grated dark chocolate for serving


In a double boiler melt the chocolate, milk and espresso powder together. Set aside to cool.

Beat the cream until it forms soft peaks and set aside. – in a separate bowl

Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks are formed, then set aside. – In a separate bowl Fold the whipped cream into the beaten egg whites – then fold the chocolate

When the chocolate mixture is cool (just off lukewarm temperature), gently fold it into the cream and beaten egg whites. Mix this lightly so as to keep in as much of the air as possible. As soon as everything is well combined, spoon the mousse into individual serving dishes or one large dish. Cover and refrigerate until set.

Just before serving, scatter over the chopped roasted hazelnuts and grated dark chocolate.