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Golden Delicious Chicken Stock

Golden Delicious Chicken Stock


I prefer to use chicken necks as the bulk of the stock meat because it renders a lovely low-fat richness to the final product.

  • Yields: 3 litres |
  • Difficulty:

  • Prep Time : 20 mins |
  • Cook Time : 0 mins
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1 kg Elgin Free-Range chicken necks (available at selected supermarkets)

wings and bones from 1 Elgin Free-Range chicken (no skin, except for wings)

2 brown onions, coarsely chopped with skins on, plus extra onion skins

2 large organic carrots, well washed and quartered

2 stalks celery (stalks only)

8 C (2 litres) cold water

1 bunch fresh parsley

Place all the meat and bones into a large, heavy stock pot and warm over a medium-hot plate. As the meat slowly warms, it will release the fat in the wings and on the carcass. Brown slowly (this adds to the flavour as well as the colour) for about 20 minutes and then add all the vegetables, except the parsley. Add the cold water and turn up the heat. Bring to a boil and cook fast for about 20 minutes, skimming any scum that might rise to the surface. Now cover with the lid and reduce the heat to very low (setting 2), and let the stock simmer for 12–24 hours. Add the parsley for the last 30 minutes cooking time (it adds minerals).

Strain the stock as well as you can. Let the stock cool completely, skim off any fat that may have formed on top, if you prefer, and carefully pour the stock into a storage container of your choice. You can also leave the sediment which will have formed at the bottom of the stock, should you prefer a very clear stock. I happen to use it whole.

The stock will last for about 5 days in the refrigerator, or it can be frozen in resealable freezer bags or freezer containers.