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Raspberry Granita

Frosé Raspberry Granita with Vanilla Ice Cream and Berries


This dessert just couldn't be simpler; a divine and refreshing way to have your rosé and eat it too!

  • Serves: 6 |
    6 servings
  • Difficulty:

  • Prep Time : 20 mins |
  • Cook Time : 0 mins
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Frosé Granita

200 g fresh raspberries
¼ C (60 ml) honey
1 Tbsp (15 ml) lemon juice
2 C (500 ml) De Grendel Rosé
¼ C (60 ml) water

To Serve

vanilla ice cream
edible flowers (optional)

Frosé Granita

Add the raspberries, honey and lemon juice to a bowl and mix well to combine. Cover and allow to sit for 20 minutes to macerate. Add the berry mix, wine and water to a blender and blitz well to combine (alternatively blitz with a hand blender). Pour the mixture through a sieve to remove the seeds and discard the pulp. Pour the mixture into a container and place it into the freezer. Check it after 45 minutes and stir with a fork; ice crystals would have begun forming. Give it another 45 minutes in the freezer, then check again and restir. Stirring the ice crystals means smaller crystals form, which makes for a lighter granita. Let the granita freeze for at least 4 hours or even better overnight, until solid.

To Serve

When you are ready to serve, use a fork to scrape and shave the granita to a coarse crumble. Portion scoops of vanilla ice cream into serving dishes. Spoon the shaved granita over scoops of ice cream and serve garnished with fresh raspberries and edible flowers, if using. Summer bliss!