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Elderflower Power Cocktail

Elderflower Power


A muddled cocktail that is refreshing and easy to drink – be warned though, a few may leave you feeling somewhat muddled...

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4 fresh mint leaves
4 slices fresh orange
50 ml fresh orange juice
50 ml white rum

1 thin slice of a whole orange (circular)
mint leaves

To Serve
highball glass
a muddler
crushed ice
a straw

Place the fresh mint leaves and fresh orange into a tall glass. Use a muddler to muddle the ingredients. Once everything is mixed, pour the fresh orange juice and white rum into the glass. Stir with cocktail spoon and then top the glass up with crushed ice. Garnish the glass with the slice of orange and fresh mint, and pop in a straw before serving.

Bartenders Note: A muddler is a bartender’s tool used to breakdown (mash) ingredients in a drink such as fruits, herbs or spices. This helps release the flavour from these elements into the drink.