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Muesli Crunchie Squares

Cranberry & Coconut Muesli Crunchie Squares


A delicious crunchy square packed with Vital Cranberry & Coconut muesli. Top with a tangy yoghurt drizzle for a tasty teatime treat.

  • Yields: 24 |
  • Difficulty:

  • Prep Time : 15 mins |
  • Cook Time : 20 mins
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Crunchie Squares

170 g butter
2 Tbsp (30 ml) honey
½ C (125 ml) brown sugar
½ tsp (2,5 ml) salt
1 ¾ C flour
½ tsp (2,5 ml) bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp (5 ml) cinnamon
1 ½ C (375 ml) Vital Cranberry & Coconut Muesli

Yoghurt Drizzle

⅓ C (80 ml) double thick plain yoghurt
3 Tbsp (45 ml) icing sugar, sifted
1 tsp (5 ml) lemon juice

Spray a 20 x 30 cm baking tin with non-stick spray.

Add the butter, honey, sugar and salt to a microwave-safe bowl. Heat until the butter has melted. Stop the microwave and stir periodically to ensure that the sugar has also melted and everything is combined. (Alternatively, you can do this step in a pot on the stovetop).

Add the flour, bicarb, cinnamon and Vital Cranberry & Coconut Muesli to a large bowl and mix. Pour the melted butter mixture into the dry ingredients and mix well to incorporate. There should be no dry flour patches in the dough.

Tip the dough into the prepared baking tray and press down evenly across the tray.

Bake for 15-20 minutes until the top is golden. Remove from the oven and cut into squares while still hot, but then leave in the tray to cool completely.

Yoghurt Drizzle

To make the yoghurt drizzle mix the yoghurt, sifted icing sugar and lemon juice together. Adjust the thickness by adding a little bit of water or additional lemon juice until you have a drizzling consistency. Drizzle the yoghurt over the crunchy squares.

Optional: Top with additional cranberry and freeze-dried strawberry pieces from your box of Vital Cranberry & Coconut Muesli.