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Beef Wellington

Classic Beef Wellington


It’s the ultimate in British dinner indulgence and it could be your next show stopper.

  • Serves: 6 |
    6 servings
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  • Prep Time : 24:0 hours |
  • Cook Time : 40 mins
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Fillet Part 1

1 kg beef fillet (ask your butcher to cut you a piece with uniform thickness)
cling wrap

Fillet Part 2

2 Tbsp (30 ml) vegetable oil
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1 Tbsp (15 ml) hot English mustard
1 Tbsp (15 ml) creamed horseradish

Mushroom Duxelles

500 g mixed mushrooms (shitake, portobello, brown shimeji)
1 garlic clove, minced
1 Tbsp (15 ml) fresh thyme, finely chopped
1 Tbsp (15 ml) chives, finely chopped
sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Assembly part 1

prepared mushroom duxelles
8 pieces Parma ham

Assembly part 2

2 x 250 g sheet all-butter puff pastry
1 egg, beaten
1 Tbsp (15 ml) milk
sea salt
baking paper
a digital thermometer

The Fillet Part 1

Wrap the fillet in plastic wrap and twist the ends to create a tight cylinder. This will help shape the fillet giving you a more uniform ‘log’ to work with. Pop the fillet in the fridge for a couple of hours, overnight is even better.

Mushroom Duxelles

Blitz the mushrooms and garlic in a food processor until you have a paste. Heat a large non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat then add the mushrooms to the dry pan. Stir the mushroom paste as it cooks to release the water. After 5 minutes add the thyme and chives and cook for another 5 minutes until you have a thick mushroom paste. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool completely.

Fillet Part 1 cont.

Remove the fillet from the fridge and allow it to sit at room temperature for an hour, then unwrap and season with salt and pepper.

Heat a cast iron pan or heavy-based frying pan on high heat until the pan begins to smoke. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and when it starts to smoke carefully place the fillet into the pan. Cook for 1 minute a side on all sides until it is evenly caramelised. Do not forget to do the ends.

Remove from the pan. Mix the mustard and creamed horseradish together then paint the fillet while it is still hot and then allow it to cool completely.

Assembly part 1

Lay 2 pieces of plastic wrap onto a clean work surface. Lay 4 pieces of Parma ham on the bottom half of the plastic then lay 4 pieces on the top half overlapping the top and bottom layers of ham slightly to create a rectangle of ham. Spoon the duxelles onto the ham and spread it out into an even layer. Pop the fillet in the middle then lift the plastic wrap up from the bottom and roll upwards and use it to wrap the ham and duxelles around the fillet. Wrap the log tightly in plastic wrap and pop it into the fridge for an hour to set or until you are ready to wrap it in pastry.

Remove the meat from the fridge and unwrap. Lightly dust your work surface with flour and roll out the puff pastry until it is big enough to comfortably wrap the meat. Brush the borders of the pastry generously with egg wash, then pop the meat in the centre and roll pastry over the meat until the two ends meet. The seam of the pasty will be the bottom of the Wellington. Tuck and fold the ends of the pastry neatly under the Wellington, ensuring you seal it well. Work carefully to avoid puncturing the pastry. Once it is rolled and sealed, re-wrap in plastic wrap and pop it back in the fridge for 30 minutes. Set the oven to 220 C to preheat and place a baking tray into the oven.

Remove the Wellington from the fridge, unwrap it and place onto a piece of baking paper. Slice the second sheet of puff pastry into thin even strips. Give the Wellington a light brush of egg wash, then criss-cross the strips of pastry carefully onto the Wellington. Brush the Wellington with egg wash again. This step is optional but it will give your Wellington wow factor.

Carefully remove the preheated baking tray from the oven then gently lift the Wellington by the corners of the baking paper and pop it onto the tray. Placing it onto a preheated tray keeps the bottom pastry from getting soggy and helps kickstart the cooking process.

Return the tray to the oven and bake the Wellington for 35-40 minutes until the pastry is golden and the internal temperature of the fillet reaches 46-47 ºC. The Wellington will continue to rise another 5 degrees while resting, giving you a perfect medium rare interior. Leave to rest for at least 15 minutes before slicing. Plan your portioning of the Wellington and don’t cut your slices too thin!