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Brunch Salad

Brunch Salad


Almost too pretty to eat!

  • Difficulty:

  • Prep Time : 15 mins |
  • Cook Time : 6 mins
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6 large eggs
¼ C (60 ml) olive oil
12 large basil leaves
3 cos lettuce heads, cut in half lengthways
12 heirloom tomatoes 6 halved and 6 quartered
3 avocados, peeled and cut in half
80 g baby peas
6 pea shoots
18 snap peas, cut in half lengthways
black salt

Coriander and Basil Dressing
10 g coriander
10 g basil
1 Tbsp (15 ml) capers
2 anchovy fillets
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp (5 ml) mustard
1 Tbsp (15 ml) lemon juice
½ C (125 ml) olive oil


Place a medium-sized pot over a medium heat, place the eggs into the pot and fill to cover the eggs approximately three quarters. Bring to a boil and cook for approximately 5 minutes, then remove and then place in a bowl of cold water to cool down. Once sufficiently cooled, peel the eggs and set aside.

Heat the olive oil in a medium-sized frying pan and fry the basil leaves for 20 seconds on each side, remove and set aside.


Chop the coriander and basil in a food processor, add the capers, anchovy fillets, crushed garlic, mustard and lemon juice.

While the motor is running, drizzle in the olive oil to make a thickish dressing.

To Assemble

Arrange all the salad ingredients on a platter, drizzle with the dressing and serve.