Wine Rose



The promise of a pot of gold ­– or maybe this time of the year, just a ring will do. At Rainbow’s End, the Malan family strive to complement nature’s potential with traditional winemaking techniques. Attention to detail and a hands on approach is their motto and it seems to pay off.


It’s not often that you find six different grape varieties in a Rosé as is the case in this delicious example from Rainbow’s End. Here they’ve put together the five Bordeaux varieties and added some Shiraz. The result is a truly interesting wine packed with all sorts of flavours from ripe blackberries, cherries, tobacco, white pepper, fynbos and mint to butterscotch and light tropical notes. Every sip brings out another flavour and it remains interesting until the last drop.


A soft, velvety mouthfeel with light acidity means that this wine can be enjoyed not only ice cold on its own, but also with fresh summer salads and even something a bit spicier too. Think spicy butternut and rocket salad or Cajun grilled calamari and half the table is ready for a long, lazy lunch. The finish is bone dry with a light refreshing acidity leaving you with a clean mouthfeel ready to enjoy the next taste sensation.

Rainbow’s End Rosé 2012