Wine White

Peleton Painted Wolf Blanc


Tasting notes: An exciting white blend with a pretty even split of 34% Chenin Blanc, 33% Viognier and 33% Roussanne. It offers layers of stone fruit and citrus complimented with the judicious use of oak. The wine is beautifully balanced with a full rich mouth feel and a bright long finish.

Pairs well with: Ceviche with a garnish of almonds, a few stamens of saffron, a sprig of cilantro and a drizzle of good olive oil.

Label inspiration: Artist Lori Bentley’s ink drawings of endangered painted hunting dogs were turned into label artwork for this wine range. The wine was named Peloton after a group of cyclists, to meld with winemaker, Jeremy Borg’s, charity mountain biking journeys which raise funds for wild dog conservation. These trips have all been through the existing pockets of wild country where wild dogs roam. The story they wanted to convey was that of the cyclists ‘invading’ wild dog territory and the idea that humans all look the same to wild dogs. The dog is poised and alert, looking at these strange beings on the horizon. Read more about Jeremy Borg’s current mountain biking charity fundraiser.

Painted Wolf