Olive Oil | NoMU

NoMU's Olive Oil exquisitely packaged is, as NoMU puts it, the ‘iPhone of olive oils’

Available: www.nomu.co.za


Tracy and Paul really do think of everything. Finally adding Olive Oil to their impressive repertoire, there is really no need to look anywhere else for your pantry needs.

NoMU Olive Oil has a real, authentic flavour – you can just taste that this product is premium quality. The olive oil is sourced from the picturesque De Rustica Olive Estate situated in the Swartberg mountains of the Cape.

The area’s good soils, perfect climate and fresh mountain water, provide an optimal olive terroir for the perfect olive oil. Ultimate growing conditions and the care taken to hand-pick and carefully press selected Italian cultivars results in the blending of an exceptional quality, cold extracted extra virgin olive oil, with characteristic notes of freshly cut grass, a lingering peppery flavour and hints of walnut.

This exquisitely packaged olive oil is, as NoMU puts it, the ‘iPhone of olive oils’ – we can’t argue the point.