Wine White Chardonnay

Limestone Hill Chardonnay


The history of Chardonnay in South Africa is very complex, partly due to the pressures and restrictions during the Apartheid period. Cuttings were smuggled into South Africa by Danie De Wet, and were sometimes mislabelled, or misidentified, and in fact, many vines which were planted as Chardonnay, have turned out to be other white grape varieties. South African farmers eventually came together to create a systematic effort to plant true Chardonnay vines. Chardonnay is now one of the most frequently planted wine grapes in South Africa and a lot of the success that has been achieved with this variety, is as a blending partner with other white varieties.

De Wetshof, the first registered wine estate in the Robertson region, made South Africa’s first Chardonnay Superior. At De Wetshof the focus on Chardonnay is ongoing and this wine specifically honours Danie De Wet for his efforts. It is made from grapes grown on calcareous soils; after fermentation the wine is matured on the lees in stainless steel tanks for a few months before bottling. Perfect for light meals, or as an aperitif.