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Somerset West

Flagstone Dark Horse

Somerset West

The Estate
Every bottle of Flagstone Dark Horse and other wines is a journey with many twists and turns. It can never be hurried and there are no short cuts. Step by step our fanatical dedication guides us to our journey’s end: the rewarding taste of delicious, distinctive wines. It’s a painstaking approach that has won us more than a few awards. And, more importantly, a legion of wine lovers who savour the unhurried quality of Flagstone.

Shiraz grows like it wants to fly away and the cautious farmer will mutter that nothing good will come from such a wild thing. However, the farmer will find that the soil and climate to balance this effervescent nature and you have the chance of making something beautiful. The Flagstone Dark Horse is a touchstone wine – their dreams reflected.

The Flagstone Dark Horse is our touchstone, our mantra, our moving target, our other name, our dreams reflected. We think it’s up there with the best Shiraz South Africa produces. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes
On the nose
loads of violets, blackcurrant fruit pastilles white and black pepper with jamon and petrichor adding to the complexity.

On the palate
the purity and depth of fruit, firm velvety tannins and refreshing acidity shows the massive aging potential of this vintage. textured, composed and seamless in style.