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Have a Forest-to-Table Dining Experience at Foliage Restaurant

Words: Crush | Photography: Supplied

Looking for somewhere to have lunch or dinner with some flair? Make sure that you make a reservation ahead of time for lunch or dinner at Foliage restaurant, headed up by owner, executive chef and champion-of-the-forest, Chris Erasmus. Forgo the regular in exchange for something that will push your culinary boundaries – this is foraged food at its most creative. Expect bold flavours, innovative ingredients and dishes that will push you out of your comfort spot in the most delicious way possible. Chris and his team at Foliage Restaurant spend a lot of time foraging in the nearby Franschhoek forests and fields to collect interesting and unique ingredients that give the food new dimension. What the team at Foliage Restaurant create is pure magic on a plate and should not be missed.

Foliage Restaurant
Foliage Restaurant
11 Huguenot Str, Franschhoek