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The art of pottery is given a quirky, humorous touch at the Ceramic Factory, which started in the heart of Linden, Johannesburg. Perfect for the food and décor fundi, this little gem is filled with treasures for the home.

Ceramic Factory has grown into a thriving business that stocks over one hundred stores nationally. If you want to experience Ceramic Factory in all its glory, you need to head to one of their three showrooms – 4th Avenue Linden (pop next door to The Whippet Coffee for great cuppa), Clairvaux Estate, Robertson and 117 Long Street, Cape Town.  The newest addition to the family – Clairvaux Estate, is located on the wine estate in Robertson and the factory sits alongside the showroom. Here you can peek in and see just how these cool pieces come to life.

With a new collection of designs being launched every few months, there are many eclectic products to choose from. While some items are purely for aesthetic appeal, others put the ‘fun in functional’, as their slogan suggests, to create useful, fabulous items for your kitchen and dining room.

The ‘Citizen Collection’ is a celebration of humanity and our need for creative expression. ‘The Fro Family’ designs within the collection include funky poodle figurines with afros, as well as a young couple with wild hairdos, depicted on a wine bottle holder, an ice bucket and coffee mugs.

The ‘Village of Rhino’ designs celebrate the rhino in a light-hearted, hopeful way. You can buy Village of the Rhino plant holders, vases, napkin rings and butter dishes, to name just a few of the items available in this range. There are also dogs, pop-culture icons (think a Darth Vader vase) and tiny, rather meanacing looking dinosaurs.

Created by hand, using moulds designed by the Ceramic Factory team, the pieces within this collection are made from terracotta and given a white glaze which accentuates the different shapes and creations; making each piece unique.Ceramic Factory

Pieces that have become iconic of the Ceramic Factory style are the ceramic skulls that are available in lemon yellow, deep charcoal grey and white. The range of skulls is also available on plates and platters.

Must-have favourites include the binocular salt and pepper set, the cute and playful stegosaurus dinosaur platters and the robot figurines.

A truly South African product from design to production, the Ceramic Factory is stocked with great gift ideas.

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