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Cape Town is home to all things craft, so it’s no surprise that some of the best craft gins are made in the mother city. Cape Town Gin & Spirits Co. brings us a collection of proudly South African handcrafted gins that celebrate the vibrant diversity of our amazing city, through three unique flavours. Grab some ice, lemon, tonic, and whatever other botanical additions you enjoy with your gin – and get involved in some Cape Town Gin deliciousness.

Cape Town Gin


The award-winning range of gins from the Cape Town Gin & Spirits Co. evoke a beautiful sensation of creative coolness and timeless freshness.


This Dry Gin is a well-made, carefully balanced spirit with rich botanicals dominated by Juniper, punchy citrus notes and a hint of herbs and wildflowers. Cape Town Classic Dry Gin pays homage to the first Gins made in Holland and England over 150 years ago, when Juniper berries were the predominant flavour.


Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin is infused with organic, handpicked Rooibos to extract the essence of this plant, indigenous to the Cederberg region of the Western Cape. The result is a unique and truly South African Gin, vibrantly red in colour with the distinctive taste of Rooibos.


Cape Town Gin & Spirits Co

Cape Town Pink Lady Gin is named after the Mount Nelson Hotel in the heart of Cape Town, affectionately known as “The Pink Lady”. Its light, salmon pink colour has made this hotel an icon in Cape Town for over 100 years. The Pink Lady Gin is a delightful gin, infused with hibiscus flowers and rose petals, and a heavenly hint of rose water. Fresh floral aromas on the nose, with rose and Turkish delight on the palate.

For personal or group gin tastings visit The Hidden Door Tasting room, located in Heritage Square, Cape Town. To book your tasting mail or contact Richard Purcell on +27 (0) 64 940 2276.

The full range of Cape Town Gins can also be purchased at our tasting room, alternatively go toTakealot for online purchases or visit your local liquor outlet. | FacebookTwitter | Instagram

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