Wine White

Cape Rock GRV


Cape Rock Winery forms part of the West Coast Wine Route and I bet few people when heading for the crayfish waters in summer, are aware of the fact that they’re actually on an official wine route. In fact, there are sixteen wineries on this route – most of which hug the Olifants River, which snakes its way to the Atlantic Ocean from the nearby Cederberg Mountains. I’ve been impressed with many wines from this region. This winery has come on to the radar again recently with this unusual blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Viognier, which is typical of the Southern Rhone area in France.

Very little interference, under controlled conditions, seems to be the key here. Natural fermentation took place in large, older barrels after which the wine stayed on the lees for a further four months. The result is a wine with no typical oak characteristics, but all of the necessary fruit flavours such as peaches and melon, as well as some of the floral notes, to stimulate the senses. This is one to watch in the future as they have great plans for this wine, with the possible addition of Clairette Blanche and Marsanne in the future. I cannot think of anything better to enjoy with Cape rock lobster at the seaside.