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Capa Roca

Red blends

The team at Cape Rock have always believed in the potential of Portuguese varieties grown in the Olifants River area. The local co-operative cellar made great dry red wines from a friend’s vineyards year after year.

They tasted the Souzao and Touriga Naçional components at the local young wine show but never saw them ending up in bottle. They decided to buy some of the grapes and make their own small batch experimental co-fermented blend. Cape Roca is the result.

Tasting Notes: The wine is full bodied with a sweet nose of red and darker summer berries and red fruits. It was made to be enjoyed early but should improve with age for up to 7 years after release. The wine is ideal to be enjoyed on its own in winter or slightly chilled during summer evenings and will go well with charcuterie, breads and hard cheeses, hearty meat stews or barbecues.