Burger & Lobster


The home of tasty burgers and melt-in-the-mouth lobster rolls.

Opening hours:

105 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre

021 422 4297 | e w


I’ve recently been watching a series set in Long Island – one of the quintessential places to have a true lobster roll. So, the need to try for one for myself has been hovering on my periphery for a while now. When the chance to visit Burger & Lobster on Bree came up, I was in.

The restaurant inside is narrow and high with a beautifully beamed ceiling that gives the feeling of space, even though the seating capacity is relatively small. This is never a bad thing though, it means better, more personalised service and more attention to detail.

We were greeted by our host, Daniel, who showed us to the table and gave us the rundown of the menu. Being that the place is called Burger & Lobster these are the main things on the menu. Recently a NY Strip-style steak option has been added to the line-up but other than that, it’s pretty much those two things done a couple of ways. And again, this is not a bad thing. For a Libra, less choice is always better, it also means that there’s nowhere to hide and those few things are done really well pharmacieinde.com.

The drinks menu is large and features a number of signature cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also a great selection of premium bubblies, beer – both bottled and on tap and a really good choice of wines as well.

After getting the run down of the menu, we opted for the B&L Burger and a SASSI-version of the traditional lobster roll, which is made with prawns and not lobster. Regarding the lobster, this could be a contentious issue for some, as currently, West Coast Rock Lobster is on the red list. It is due to become entirely illegal to serve it in a few months time, so will be removed from the menu altogether. That said, the company is looking to have lobster flown in to fill the gap. Make of this what you will. Those who endeavour to eat consciously may take issue with that decision but ultimately it is up to the individual consumer to decide.

The B&L burger patty is house-made; the beef is salted and shaped into a long ‘patty log’ and the patties are sliced off that. I am a big believer in the method of not playing around with the beef too much, this gives it a pasty texture that I hate. Happily, though, the B&L patty has a beefy flavour and a borderline crumbly texture, which is the hallmark of one that hasn’t been overworked and that gets a thumbs up from me. It is topped with maple-glazed bacon and a special B&L cheese made by combining gouda, mature cheddar and cream, and how can that be a bad thing? If you are opting to share with anyone at your table, the team will halve your meals and plate them for you, another nice little added touch.

My faux lobster roll was all I dreamed it to be. The brioche buns are baked on site and are ridiculously soft – a brioche flavoured cloud that simply melts in the mouth. It’s loaded up with the lobster (in my case prawn mix) and it’s delicious. Both are served with a side salad and a generous portion of fries. We upsized one to include a drizzle of black truffle oil and Parmesan.

Desserts are a choice of American-style sweets, think Nutella and Oreo cheesecake and Build your Own S’mores. We chose the cheesecake and it was really decadent and yum. As a side to dessert we also tried a Monster Shake – Salted Caramel and Pretzel to be exact. It is a completely OTT shake that is really more monstrous dessert than it is drink. It’s loaded up with whipped dessert cream and caramel and if you can fit that in on top of a big burger, then you’re doing well! If you have a big appetite, and are looking for a cool place to hang out, then B&L is your spot. It’s a stylish yet casual spot and buzzes with a good vibe.

Just as the name says – burgers and lobster and a chilled vibe.