Wine Red

Bosman Family Vineyards Nero D’Aviola


The Estate
The story of the Bosman Family Vineyards Nero D’Aviola started in 2004 when the first plant material came to South Africa after Petrus Bosman identified the possible synergy between this Sicilian grape variety and South Africa’s Mediterranean climate.

With one of the pre-eminent vine nurseries in the southern hemisphere and 3 different growing regions from which to cultivate their blends, the Bosman Family Vineyards have unrivalled access, knowledge, and expertise when it comes to crafting their wines.

A strict selection process in the vineyard and the cellar means that only the top 5% of the total harvest is used for production. While historic vines offer distinct vintages, a thriving vine garden allows for constant innovation and the perfect blend of old and new.

It is vinous proof of the family’s keen effort, in broadening and improving the South African wine landscape, by adding suitable and inspiring varieties.

Taste Notes
On the nose
Berry flavours that are lovely and fresh, they include hints of flowers such as violets and lavender, which have a scent similar to mint, meaning it’s slightly intense yet refreshing. Fresh purple prunes add a distinct fruity smell.

On the palate
A fruit-driven, elegant wine with flavours and aromas of dark-skinned berries and plums are enlivened by delicate perfume and grounded by juicy, sweet tannins.