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Words: Robyn Paterson

We love podcasts! Especially now that many of us are working from home, podcasts are a great way to learn new things and stay up to date with current affairs, while still doing work and being productive. Lately, there have been a few foodie podcasts that have popped up on our radar and we are loving them. The great thing about podcasts is that there is something for everyone — if you’re looking to learn more about the history of a certain type of food, or want to hear about people’s epic kitchen fails, someone is having a chat about it in the podcast world. Here are some of our favourites!

Recipe Club

From the mind of genius David Chang, Recipe Club is a podcast that explores the best ways to cook popular dishes. Hosts David Chang and Chris Ying are joined by guest chefs each week who prepare, eat and judge three different recipes of the same dish. Think brownies, chickpeas, turkey, mashed potatoes and even instant ramen — they cover every type of popular recipe and explore the many ways you can cook and enjoy them. It’s hilarious, without pretense and we love it.

Our favourite episode… Canned Tuna

Comfort Eating with Grace Dent

Grace Dent, restaurant critic for The Guardian, sheds light on the lesser celebrated foods we eat when we’re in need of a bit of a pick-me-up. Comfort Eating is a podcast about the foods we choose when no one is watching, and the ones we wouldn’t necessarily share on our Instagram feeds. Each week, she is joined by a guest celebrity who spills the beans on their favourite comfort foods and when they most enjoy (and need) them.

Our favourite episode… S1E4 Mae Martin

Home Cooking

Home Cooking is a mini-series that was produced during hard lockdown as a way to help people figure out what to cook while in quarantine. Hosts Samin Nosrat, author of award winning cookbook, Salt Fat Acid Heat and Hrishikesh Hirway helped provide some inspiration to get people out of the slump and into the kitchen. Even though we aren’t in hard lockdown anymore, this is still a great series to help breathe some life into your daily cooking routine.


Our favourite episode… Old Bay Leaves, New Bae Arrives

The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table is a weekly podcast creating conversations at the intersection of food, culture and people. If food is involved, they are talking about it. Tune in every week to listen to the musings of award-winning journalist, Francis Lam, speaking about everything from why more people should be eating sea urchins to how social media affects the way we eat.

Our favourite episode… The Importance of Eating Sea Urchins


Gastropod looks at food culture through the lens of history and science. Be prepared to learn some really interesting things about food and global food culture. There are episodes exploring what exactly smoke is in food and how it affects flavour, as well as an entire episode dedicated to garlic! If you’re looking for something interesting and relevant to everyday life, Gastropod is a must for your podcast library.

Our favourite episode… Where There’s Smoke There’s… Whiskey, Fish, and Barbecue!

The Sporkful

The Sporkful, hosted by Dan Pashman, is a podcast for eaters, not foodies. Exploring food through the lens of race, culture, history and science, this podcast covers how food and eating shape the way we live our lives. 


Our favourite episode… How Prison Ramen Saved my Life

A Taste of the Past

In this podcast, food historian Linda Pelacio, takes a look at the history of food in different cultures around the world and how these have shaped what and how we eat today. Have a look at the history of American cruising, Jewish dishes and the roots of barbecue.


Our favourite episode… Comfort Food

Looking for more inspiration online? Have a look at our Favourite Instagram Foodies!

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