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Asara Cape Fusion

Red blends

The inclusion of Malbec in the Cape Fusion makes this a more unusual take on the Cape Blend. Malbec performs especially well on the Asara property, and here it appears in equal proportion with Pinotage and Shiraz. Richly nutrient soils have been chosen for this vineyard, encouraging the deeply coloured, and flavoursome fruit to grow.
 The style of Pinotage sought for the Cape Fusion blend is fresh and elegant, thus the vines are grown at the highest altitude on the Asara property. The robustness behind the blend is a single block of Shiraz whose soils enable easy changes to irrigation regime.

On the nose: a fresh profusion of rich summer berry fruit including raspberry and red currant with mocha oak whiffs.

On the palate: ripe red fruits persevere. Fresh and crisp with the oak and its concomitant spices supporting the fruit and allowing it to shine. The ending is dry with the perceived sweetness of the Malbec lingering.

Asara Cape Fusion