4 Seriously Decadent Chocolate Recipes

Words: Crush

We’ve all had those days… the ones when you just need chocolate in your life, and a simple slab just won’t do. These 4 recipes, created by Executive Pastry Chef at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Craig Hibbert, are sure to hit that sweet spot. All are decadently rich and full of that all important ingredient.

We kick off with a Glazed Chocolate Mud Cake, this moist loaf is finished with an all-encasing chocolate glaze that sets with a beautiful glossy finish. Serve slices with a good strong cup of coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Nutty Tonka Bean Brownies are just as the name says – chock full of five different kinds of chopped nuts and the delicate flavour of tonka bean, which lends a slightly more complex vanilla-ish flavour to the brownies. Don’t worry if you can’t get hold of tonka beans, you can substitute with vanilla seeds/paste. This recipe also includes a chocolate and a caramel drizzling sauce for added richness. Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream – could there be anything better?

The Doubly Decadent Chocolate Tart is for the true, die hard chocoholic. This tart has a crispy coconut streusel base and is topped with 2 layers of decadent ganache – a dark chocolate base and a a milk chocolate and coffee liqueur layer on top. This tart is incredibly rich, so it will go far if entertaining a group. You can set it as a tart or as a rectangle which can be cut into individual slices. Serve with a scoop of coffee ice cream and you have a real crowd pleaser.

For those who are gluten intolerant, we haven’t forgotten you. The Gluten Free Chocolate Gateaux is made with almond flour, which gives it a slight nutty flavour and a great texture. Covered in chocolate ganache, this is another rich dessert option that will have you sneaking into the kitchen at midnight for a slice.

For more chocolate recipe inspiration click HERE.

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