23 Valentine’s Day Ideas For All Relationship Statuses

Words: Jess Spiro

Valentine’s Day is a very polarising time of year, it either evokes annoyance at the soppy merchandise available or it melts hearts and allows people to declare their undying love for their significant other. Whatever your relationship status this year, we have somewhere that will welcome you with open arms.


To impress a new love – Gåte Restaurant at Quoin Rock Estate

Want to impress that date? Book an experience that your beau has never had before. Gåte Restaurant at Quoin Rock Estate is the perfect place to show off your know-how of new restaurants and appreciation for wild culinary experiences. You can tuck into a 16-course menu (the plates are small, don’t worry) and stare into your loved one’s eyes as they marvel in wonder.


To drown your sorrows – The Athletic Club & Social

No paramour this year? Fear not, in between the delish drinks on offer and the 1900s speakeasy-style decor, you won’t even notice that you’re in the year 2019 let alone that you’re swinging solo on the most romantic day of the year.


To shake someone off – Ari’s Souvlaki

It’s good, it’s garlicky and it’s on Sea Point Main Road. Perfect to stink out a less-than-perfect date and then make a run for it. When you’ve finished your souvlaki of course.

valentines day ideas


 To show off your Asian persuasion – Tjing Tjing

Treat your date and your tastebuds to the revamped Tjing Tjings with modern Japanese cuisine. Ensconce yourselves in each other, while you sip on sake and talk about your hopes and dreams.



To take a friend – Macau Asian Tavern

This fiery new Asian eatery offers patrons a taste of traditional Macanese cuisine and we like it, we like it a lot. The setting is super vibey and upbeat as well which makes it the perfect place to wine-and-dine your pal on Valentines Day.


To take the whole family – Leopard’s Leap

Bring the kids, the mother-in-law, aunties and uncles. The harvest table is piled with gorgeous food created with ingredients fresh from the gardens. The kids can play on the outdoor jungle gym and the adults can sit back and enjoy great wine and juicy rotisserie meat.

valentines day ideas


To go all out – La Petite Colombe

No two ways about it, La Petite Colombe is producing some of the best food in the country and is ideal for a couple treating themselves to an evening filled with numerous courses and more than a few glasses of wine.

romantic restaurants cape town valentines day ideas


 To be a knight in shining armour – Fyn Restaurant

The restaurant setting is something out of a fairytale, so you can sweep your fair maiden off her feet while dining under the contemporary and artistic ceiling.


To Lament lost love – Eat all the ice cream

If you’re feeling blue this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than tucking into a cone, no scratch that, a pint of your favourite crafted ice cream. We are literally spoilt for choice with all the options available. So basically, buck up and get in there, you’ll feel better we promise.


To propose – Chefs Warehouse, Beau Constantia 

The view over the stunning Constantia valley is incomparable, making this the ideal spot to get down on one knee. The wine is amazing, and the sharing style of the tapas menu means that you can delicately feed your love delicious bites, as you gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Beau-Constantia-valentines day ideas


To pick up Valentine’s morning coffee and croissant – Maison J

If freshly made croissants don’t scream that you adore someone, we don’t know what does. This Camps Bay stalwart is the perfect spot to nip in for a sneaky pre-work brekkie or to grab a to-go coffee and bite for your beau.

To enjoy the view – Chinchilla, Camps Bay

If you’re going to have to tear your eyes away from your luminous date, you may as well have something as beautiful to look at. Chinchilla, with its view out over Camps Bay, is perfect.

valentines day ideas


To get down and dirty with your long-time love – Diaz Tavern

If you’re past the airs and graces stage of your relationship and have no inhibitions about radical garlic breath and peri peri sauce running down your chin, then you’ve found the ideal place to take the ideal partner.


To make a tradition of – Kloof Street House

What could be more romantic than sitting in a fairy-lit courtyard under the stars as you gaze into your beloved’s eyes? At the Kloof Street House, you can do just that. The standard here for food and experience is always top-notch, so why not make a tradition of it?

Cape Town restaurants with fireplaces


To snuggle under the trees – Boschendal picnics

Tuck yourselves into a hammock and enjoy farm fresh goodies with some of the country’s best wine. (Read more about the Boschendal picnics here.)

Boschendal-picnics valentines day ideas


 To pick up pizzas for a romantic night in – New York Slice

kloof street restaurants

Not into the Valentine’s hype? Grab a generous portion of New York Slice’s pie and head home to Netflix and chill.


To enjoy a lazy day relaxing with your love – The Table at De Meye

Take your Scrabble board, your appetite and even your dog. The food is consistently delicious and never fails to impress. When you’re done eating chill and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and gardens of this little gem. READ MORE

valentines day ideas


For a (slightly awkward) first date – The Village Idiot

You’ve got loads to talk about? That’s great. But for that moment when your joke falls flat, The Village Idiot’s merriment will have you covered.

valentines day ideas


To meet other singles – La Parada

What better way is there to meet someone new than at a restaurant that encourages sociable eating? Can’t finish that tapas plate? There’s bound to be someone willing to take it off your hands.

valentines day ideas


To enjoy sunset cocktails – Tobago’s at The Radisson

The crashing waves, the amber sun slowly setting on the horizon, a crisp glass of something bubbly and your beloved. You can almost see it now, can’t you?

valentines day ideas


To kick off your shoes – Grand Beach Cafe, Granger Bay

Enjoy fresh seafood right on the beach. Plus, just think how chic you’ll both look barefoot in the sand, dressed in white linen.

Grand Cafe and beach


To buy Valentine’s gifts – Pick one of these amazing Chocolatiers

Follow tradition by offering your love roses and chocolate, but spice it up by picking up some edgy sweets at any one of these amazing local chocolatiers.

Local Artisan Chocolate Makers - Huguenot


To step back in time to when you were dating – Deco Dance

Not technically a bar or restaurant but when the wining and dining is over, Deco Dance will bust out the soundtrack of your 80s youth and will take you back to a simpler, more childless time.

valentines day ideas


To go for a casual meal that won’t disappoint – Jerry’s Burger Bar

Burgers, beers and your babe. What other encouragement do you need, really?

valentines day ideas


To hang out with your single buddies – Tiger’s Milk

Single? No problem. Gather up all your single buddies and do an anti-Valentine’s soiree at any one of the Tiger’s Milk branches, where they’ll be hosting their Love Bites parties. Drink tequila, tuck into burgers and basically just celebrate your single status with a whole lot of fun and your favourite people.



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