Valentine’s Day Ideas For All Relationship Statuses

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Valentine’s Day is a very polarising time of year, it either evokes annoyance at the soppy merchandise available or it melts hearts and allows people to declare their undying love for their significant other. Whatever your relationship status this year, we have Valentine’s Day ideas to ensure you spend it doing something fun…

Valentine’s Day Ideas

To impress a new love – Thali 

Under the Chef Warehouse conglomerate, Thali has to be one of the best high-end dinners that still gives you bang for your buck. It is the perfect place to show off your know-how of new restaurants and appreciation for wild culinary experiences. The menu changes often but the concept stays the same, three courses that are not only different in flavour but big in portion. You can’t make a reservation so it’s best to get there early to ensure a spot for you and your date.

Thali-Restaurant-Valentines day ideas

To drown your sorrows – The Athletic Club & Social

No paramour this year? Fear not, in between the delish drinks on offer and the 1900s speakeasy-style decor, you won’t even notice that you’re in the year 2020, let alone that you’re swinging solo on the most romantic day of the year.

Valentines day ideas Athletics Social Club


To Show You Know a Thing or Two – La Tête

Want to show that you have a handle on sustainable eating and that nose-to-tail dining doesn’t scare you? Then La Tête is your vibe. This is the ultimate in sophisticated simplicity and is a must if you’re trying to show you know something about something. Also, if your date is a sucker for a Madeleine, you’re in the right place.

Valentines day ideas at la tête

To Test the Waters – Mojo Market 

It’s big, it’s loud, there are endless options for food. It’s perfect if you want to grab a quick bite to eat and bolt if it’s a less-than-perfect date. Of course, if it is going swell, there are multiple bars, live music, endless food stalls, and shops to choose from. 

Valentines day ideas

 To show off your Asian persuasion – Tjing Tjing Torii or Momiji

Treat your date and your tastebuds to Tjing Tjings modern Japanese cuisine. Ensconce yourselves in each other, while you sip on sake and talk about your hopes and dreams. Torii is perfect for chilled food vibes while you get to know your beau a bit better. Momiji is if you’re really after a spoil for someone spesh. Of course, pop up to the bar level post your meal to carry on fallin’ in lurve.

Valentines day ideas Tjing Tjing

To take a friend – Lily’s Restaurant

This all-day eatery, located in Mouille Point, is great for any time of day. Perfect spot for coffee, breakfast or lunch, and come cocktail hour, the after-work drinks crowd settles in for sundowners and sumptuous sunset dinners overlooking the Atlantic. Food so good in a setting that can only be described as “fashion-forward”, it’s the  perfect place to wine-and-dine your pal on Valentine’s Day.

valentines day idea

To take the whole family – Blockhouse Kitchen

Bring the kids, the mother-in-law, aunties and uncles. A delicious menu with a wide variety of options, from fried chicken burgers to spinach and ricotta ravioli. The MCC for R32 a glass is the real winner and a kids menu that your littlies will enjoy.

Blockhouse Restaurant

To go all out – Potluck Club 

Even though there are newer restaurants on the scene, Potluck Club has proven year after year why the hype still hasn’t died down. It has been dubbed the coolest places in Cape Town and its success is based on innovative cuisine, served in a relaxed yet edgy environment. Ideal for a couple treating themselves to an evening filled with numerous courses and more than a few glasses of wine or cocktails.

The Pot Luck Club

To have Lady and the Tramp Moment – The Cousins Trattoria

So we all know that scene, Lady and her Tramp buddy share a mutual strand of spag-bol that leads to an awkward but romantic moment, it’s one of the most famous movie food scenes ever. If you want to re-create your own legendary moment, head over to The Cousins Restaurant – three cousins from Romagna, on the Adriatic coast of Italy, created this little Cape Town gem, where the pasta is handmade daily. They’ve become famous for a pasta dish that is literally made in a Parmesan ‘bowl’. Freshly made taglioni pasta with a simple mushroom cream sauce is theatrically finished off in a giant wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. How could you possibly go wrong?

For One Last Hurrah – Riverine Rabbit

If you want to impress a date, be sure to secure your seats at Riverine Rabbit. They’ll be closing up shop soon and you want to be one of the last to dine there. Really, you do. Time is limited, so show someone you care by making this date night one to remember.

Riverine Rabbit

To be a knight (or Daring Damsel) in shining armour – Fyn Restaurant

The restaurant setting is something out of a fairytale, so you can sweep your fair maiden (or dashing dude) off her/his feet while dining under the contemporary and artistic ceiling. It’s all zhush and swanky and we love it.

FYN Restuarant

To Lament lost love – Eat all the ice cream

If you’re feeling blue this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than tucking into a cone, no scratch that, a pint of your favourite crafted ice cream. We are literally spoilt for choice with all the options available. So basically, buck up and get in there, you’ll feel better we promise.


To propose – Greenhouse, at Cellars Hohenort

A modern South African dining experience, all made with local and foraged ingredients. Chef Farrel Hirsch wants you to have an experience that’s more than just the meal, he wants you to feel connected to the food well after you leave the dinner table. Why not pop the question at one of the most memorable restaurants in Cape Town, Greenhouse

valentine dinner ideas

To pick up Valentine’s morning coffee and croissant – Maison J

If freshly made croissants don’t scream that you adore someone, we don’t know what does. This Camps Bay stalwart is the perfect spot to nip in for a sneaky pre-work brekkie or to grab a to-go coffee and bite for your beau.

Maison J


To enjoy the view – Chinchilla, Camps Bay

If you’re going to have to tear your eyes away from your luminous date, you may as well have something as beautiful to look at. Chinchilla, with its view out over Camps Bay, is perfect.

valentines day ideas

To get down and dirty with your long-time love – Diaz Tavern

If you’re past the airs and graces stage of your relationship and have no inhibitions about radical garlic breath and peri peri sauce running down your chin, then you’ve found the ideal place to take the ideal partner. Diaz Tavern is legendary for a reason.

Diaz Tavern

To make a tradition of – Tamboers Winkel 

This cosy little wine bar not only has an extensive wine list but also a menu that caters to vegans and cheese-a-holics alike. This cute eatery is tucked away on the top of Kloof Street and is offering a Valentines Day special. So, if you’re looking for something fun, delicious and different then head on over to this romantic little spot.



To snuggle under the trees – Giovanni’s and Green Point Park

Why not keep it simple? Head on over to local favourite Giovanni’s Deli and take your pick of limitless options of snacks. They have pre-packaged meals available, as well as their delicious deli counter filled with a wide variety of options. Pick up food, drinks and snacks and head over to Green Point Park where you can relax under the trees and listen to the ducks quack.

green_point_park Valentines Day


 To pick up pizzas for a romantic night in – In Pizza We Trust 

Yes, the pizza is amazing but the best part is that it is located inside Kloofnek Grocer. Pick up a bottle of wine (or two) while you wait for your pizza to be done. Spend Valentine’s Day with some crazy good pizza while you Netflix and Chill.


To enjoy a lazy day relaxing with your love – Babylonstoren

Babylonstoren is synonymous with lush gardens, grand vegetable patches and an uber relaxing environment. Take your pick of snacking on a decadent charcuterie board in the tasting room, having a salad and/or sandwich in the Greenhouse or going full-blown fancy at Babel. Either way, you will be happy and satisfied. When you’re done eating chill and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings, this place is so much more than just a wine farm.

Babylonstoren for Valentine's Day

For a (slightly awkward) first date – SoCal 

First dates can be awkward as hell, why not go to a place that isn’t your local watering hole. You’ve got loads to talk about? That’s great. But for that moment when your joke falls flat, SoCal’s merriment will have you covered.



To Looked Super Chilled but Flush at the Same Time

Enjoy fresh seafood, burgers, cocktails and more right at the beach. Sure, Surfshack seems real chilled and surfer-dudey but it’s also along the famed Camps Bay Platinum Mile, so you’ll still look like you’ve made an effort to plan something special. Laidback vibes, an unbeatable sea view but still swish, it’s the perfect date mix.

Buy Better Valentine’s Gifts – Pick one of these amazing Chocolatiers

Follow tradition by offering your love roses and chocolate, but spice it up by picking up some edgy sweets at any one of these amazing local chocolatiers. Not only will you be gifting something delish but you’ll earn extra brownie points by supporting our homegrown artisans.

Local Artisan Chocolate Makers - Huguenot

To go for a vibe  – The Moveable Feast 

An eclectic bar and bistro above popular hangout, The Power and Glory. They have live music and DJ’s weekly, focusing on music that will make you feel festive. Enjoy a drink in this vibey but laid back environment, you’re guaranteed to have a good time on Valentine’s Day.


For a casual meal that won’t disappoint – Unfiltered on Kloof 

Pizza specials, happy hour, burgers, and so much more! This causal Kloof Street eatery offers much more than just bar food, they have their own twists on bao buns, ceviche and more street food. Take your valentine and have a different experience at this hidden gem.


To hang out with your single buddies – Tiger’s Milk

Single? No problem. Gather up all your single buddies and do an anti-Valentine’s soiree at any one of the Tiger’s Milk branches, where they’ll be hosting their Love Bites parties. Drink tequila, tuck into burgers and basically just celebrate your single status with a whole lot of fun and your favourite people.


So you’ve checked out these Valentine’s Day ideas but have decided to stay in? Check out these cheesy dinner ideas.

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