What to do at La Motte Winery Franschhoek

Julie Velosa

Wine is paired with many things, but certainly one of its most companionable partners is art. Is this perhaps because winemaking is an art of its own? Or possibly because the stunning backdrop provided by estates is the perfect canvas to showcase it? Whatever the reason, it’s a combination that works, and at fewer places more so than at at La Motte Winery Franschhoek.

Biodiversity on La Motte Winery Franschhoek

 Art at La Motte Winery Franschhoek

Art is not only on display at La Motte, but it is treasured and revered. The first clue to this is on arrival – visitors to La Motte Wine Estate are greeted by The Wine Bearer, a 4-meter tall bronze figure by well-known sculpturist Toby Megaw. She bears an overflowing wine cup and welcomes visitors to the estate. This is one of the pieces of art visited on the sculpture walk offered weekly at La Motte Winery Franschhoek. The walking tour takes guests on an easy-going meander around the property and highlights 8 other sculptures of females around the estate – a nod to woman in society.

Those who appreciate the work of artist Jacob Hendrik Pierneef, will be in awe of the private collection held at the gallery at La Motte Estate. This impressive collection includes paintings and sketches and even an easel and painting apparatus which belonged to Pierneef himself. A browse through the gallery reveals several of his signature South African landscapes; visitors can wander through at leisure and absorb the history and mastery of his work.

La Motte Winery Franschhoek

La Motte also showcases a contemporary exhibition which rotates on an annual basis. Currently the exhibition features winners of the Helgaard Steyn Awards from 1987–2013. The Helgaard Steyn awards rotate annually and recognise excellence in composing, painting, Afrikaans literature and sculpting.

In August, this exhibition will be changing to a selection of work by various female artists dating between 1920 and 1980. The museum will close for winter from 12 July 2015, so you have until then to see this award-winning exhibition.

Art at La Motte Winery Franschhoek

The art collection at La Motte would not be complete without a showcase dedicated to music. La Motte’s owner Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg inspires this collection – as one of South Africa’s most acclaimed mezzo-sopranos it makes perfect sense that this cultural medium should be highlighted.

Classical music concerts are held regularly at La Motte and feature both local and international artists.

If you are a piano aficionado, be sure to stop by the tasting room to admire the Rosa Nepgen piano.

Art at La Motte Winery Franschhoek

Art is part of the fabric of La Motte Winery Franschhoek

This is complemented by the attention to fine details around the rest of the estate. Sample wines of incredible calibre at the tasting room and admire Pierneef lino cut artworks which are featured on the labels of the wine collection of the same name. During winter, this is a luxurious setting to relax with friends and to keep warm at the fireplace. Dine at the award-winning restaurant (Pierneef à la Motte) and take in touches like the hand painted ceramic chandeliers and linocut printed heating lamps, which pay homage to the restaurant’s namesake. A visit would also not be complete without a stop in at the elegantly curated farm shop.

Pierneef Restaurant at La Motte Winery Franschhoek

Whatever you choose to do on your visit to La Motte, you will leave having soaked up some of the artistic influence, which is evident at every turn.