Wine Red

Journeys End Trebuchet Syrah/Mouvedre


Tasting notes: This wine shows the expected hedgerow fruit, scrub, dried herbs and white pepper that come from these varieties and good oak. Full bodied and smoothly luscious, it is ready to drink, the freshness adding lift and vibrancy to the dark fruit and liquorice richness.

Pairs well with: Goes well with all things medieval… game, beef, lamb, chicken and some nice spicy dishes like chicken and lamb souvlaki or tagine. Click here for the perfect tagine recipe.

Label inspiration: The label was designed by a British illustrator who agreed to do a once- off set of wine labels for Journeys End. Having showed designs, footage and images of the trebuchet which showed how much fun could be had with medieval antics, they decided to put together a wine label to reflect their passion for old things. Trebuchet combines ancient knowledge with modern technology and demonstrates Journeys End’s belief in all things eccentric, creative and fun.