Pass the Toffees, Sweet Darling

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Darling Sweet, one of South Africa’s premier toffee manufacturers, which started in the Western Cape town of Darling only three years ago, is excited to announce the addition of two new flavours to their range. This brings to 10 the number of unique and fabulous flavours, that the small company now produces.

“Since opening the doors of the Darling Sweet kitchen in July 2014 we continue to strive to produce the best quality handcrafted toffees,” says Darling Sweet co-founder Frits van Ryneveld. “With this in mind, we have launched two new flavours, Coffee Toffee, which creatively blends the rich full-bodied flavours of brewed coffee with the well-rounded sweetness of our famous toffee and Mint Toffee, which combines the fresh flavour of mint with our rich butter caramel toffee – a cooling sensation, and a traditional favourite.”

Other flavours in the range include Tannie Evita’s Classic, Honey & Salt, Red Wine & Chocolate, Orange & Cranberry, Liquorice, Sour Fig, Bird’s Eye Chilli and Ormonde Wines. 

A wonderfully inspirational success story, Darling Sweet has not only provided employment for residents of the town but has also become a draw card for locals and international visitors who have heard about their toffees and want to sample them for themselves.

“One of our main aims is job creation and career development opportunities for our community. We are very proud to have grown to a staff complement of 20 full-time employees – all under the banner of the Proudly South African campaign,” says van Ryneveld.

With production taking place in a stately Edwardian building – that once housed Darling’s General Dealer business – Darling Sweet toffees are handcrafted using traditional methods and with no artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives added. Furthermore, to produce a range of toffee flavours that are unique to Darling and its surrounds, van Ryneveld and his partner Hentie van der Merwe use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Darling Sweet also manufactures toffee spreads in three flavours – Tannie Evita’s Classic, Bird’s Eye Chili, and Honey & Salt – as well as locally sourced raw veld flower honey and fleur de sel, hand harvested salt. | Facebook

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