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Bot River Barrels & Beards Showcase




22 Apr 2017

Now in its 7th year, Barrels & Beards has become an institution to celebrate the new harvest of Bot River wine on its hallowed journey from the ocean-cooled vineyards of this magnificent valley to the wine lover’s glass.

Bot River ranks amongst the most exciting Wineland destinations, having defiantly maintained its own distinct, laid-back identity and focus on the creation of outstanding wines that are enjoyed all over the world.

This year, Barrels & Beards again welcomes lovers of all things fun and delicious to a sumptuous dinner spread and to taste wines right from the latest vintage straight from the barrel during the festivity hosted once more on the hillside grounds of Barton Vineyards. Grape harvest waits for no-one; when the fruit is ripe, it must be picked and taken to the cellar. It’s a festive time, the work of the preceding season having literally borne fruit. But there’s little time for sleep, so many forego time-consuming activities like shaving in favour of harvest and perhaps a little extra rest. Beards in the vineyards and cellar are not unusual at this time of year and certainly, more than a few have grown accustomed to the fuzzy features that seasonally appear in the mirror.

Producers taking part in the 2017 Barrels & Beards celebration are Anysbos, Barton, Beaumont Family Wines, Gabriëlskloof, Genevieve MCC, Goedvertrouw Wine Estate, Luddite Wines, Maremmana Estate, Paardenkloof Estate, Rivendell Estate, Wildekrans Boutique Wine Estate and Villion Family Wines.

Bot River lies a mere one hour’s drive up the N2 highway from Cape Town. A divine country getaway, the region has long been known for its wine pioneers and mavericks. There are 13 wine farms, most of them family-owned and run, producing world class wines.


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