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Win a selection of Lindt Excellence slabs including Lindt’s new Excellence Mild 70%.

The new LINDT EXCELLENCE MILD 70% uses a special blend of fine cocoa ingredients to ensure an exquisitely smooth mild taste experience. A delicious alternative to the more intense classic 70% cocoa. It has an altogether different taste experience, whilst still maintaining the rich cocoa characteristics that have made its more intense counterpart, the EXCELLENCE 70%, a firm favourite across the globe. With a slightly lighter colour, the aroma of rounded and intricate cocoa flavours are complemented by the delectable, luxurious scent of vanilla. 

The MILD 70% is created using a meticulous blend of the finest cocoa beans. The beans, along with the long conching, ensures the chocolate delivers a velvety and smooth texture, whilst releasing a mild bouquet of flavours with notes of cream, stone fruit and honey that is less intense than its 70% Cocoa counterpart.  This new EXCELLENCE flavour is the perfect alternative for those who would like to enter the dark chocolate market. 

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