Harvest to table eating
Doing things differently

Harvest to Table | General May 05, 2016
Biologic Farming Reaps Rewards at Avondale Wines
Words: Jess Spiro

Creating spectacular edible landscapes

Harvest to Table | General Apr 28, 2016
The City of Eden – Turning Empty Spaces into Edible Landscapes
Words: Georgia Schumann

The new Reliance Nursery

Harvest to Table | General Apr 14, 2016
Exciting things afoot at Corona Farm

A seasonal and comforting "mac and cheese"

Harvest to Table | General Apr 08, 2016
Macaroni and Cheese with Caramelised Leeks
Photography: Crush

Foraging for ingredients for Limpet Lasagne

Harvest to Table | General Apr 06, 2016
Foraging and Feasting with The Urban Hunter Gatherer
Words: Georgia Schumann | Photography: Kate McLuckie

Rural beekeeping is changing lives...

General Apr 01, 2016
The Sweet Rewards of African Honey Bee Initiative
Words: Karl Tessendorf

Farm fresh eggs

General Apr 01, 2016
Chickens on the Move at Boschendal
Words: Karl Tessendorf | Photography: Crush

A delicious way to use aubergines

Harvest to Table | General Mar 29, 2016
Beef Carpaccio with Caponata
Photography: Crush

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