Harvest to table eating
Flourishing gardens in the Cape Flats

Harvest to Table | General Oct 19, 2016
Life Changers Sparks A New Kind of Turf War
Words: Jess Spiro

Enjoy tasty refreshments at Tea in the Park

Harvest to Table | General Oct 05, 2016
Tea in the Park launches at the Green Point Park
Words: Julie Velosa

Taking to the streets... to garden

Harvest to Table | General Sep 26, 2016
Gangsta Gardening With Ron Finley
Words: Jess Spiro

It's easier than you think.

Harvest to Table | General Sep 21, 2016
The How, What, Wheres of Recycling in South Africa
Words: Jess Spiro | Photography: Alexis Georgeson

Join the energy revolution

Harvest to Table | General Sep 13, 2016
Discovering Alternative Energy
Words: Lourens Kloppers | Photography: Alexis Georgeson

She's the embodiment of a zero-waste lifestyle.

Harvest to Table | General Aug 11, 2016
Lauren Singer Promotes Zero-Waste and Makes it Cool
Words: Jess Spiro | Photography: Crush

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