4 Easy Comfort Food Recipes You Have to Make This Winter

Karl Tessendorf

Cool winter weather means that we’re spending more time indoors, so take the opportunity to master a really special dish – something that comforts from the inside out. You can opt to go low and slow, braising or roasting a cut of meat for a few hours until it’s fall-apart tender, or you can go the ultimate comfort route with something just plain naughty, like chicken and waffles. We’ve cooked up four insanely yum dishes that are our ode to the ultimate in comfort food – rich, belly-filling and, of course, totally delicious.

Braised Beef Shin

A whole braised shin takes a long time to make but it really is a thing of beauty. It comes out looking like a Fred Flintstone giant meat lollipop with fall apart, tender meat. The addition of a mountain of onions to the mix makes for a silky gravy, and when with paired with the crunchiest roast potatoes, well, it doesn’t get much better. GET THE RECIPE

Beef Shin Roast

Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles

If you’ve never had fried chicken and waffles then you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, do I even like me? It’s one of life’s truly great comforts with its sweet, salty, crunchy and pillowy combination of flavours. GET THE RECIPE

Steak and Kidney Cottage Pie

Nothing says comfort food like double the comfort in one dish. This ultimate winter warmer is packed with tender meat, distinctive kidney flavour, umami mushrooms and silky soft onions all snugly housed under a buttery and crusty mash topping. It’s a meal fit for anyone and any occasion. GET THE RECIPE.

Steak and Kidney Cottage Pie

Roast Bone Marrow on No Knead Bread Toast

Roast bone marrow on toast has got to be one of the simplest and most indulgent winter dishes out there. It’s pure flavour and when you spread the marrow onto some homemade bread and serve with a tart pickle salad, it just takes things to the next level. GET THE RECIPE.

Roasted Bone Marrow with No Knead Bread

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