20 Best French Baking Recipes That Will Make you a Better Baker

Words: Emma Nkunzana

French DessertsAt Crush HQ, when life gets us down we say, “let us eat cake!” Okay, maybe we don’t say that, but it sure is a philosophy that we get behind. So, to inspire you we’ve rounded up 20 of our best French baking recipes. Grab those whisks and start baking.


Degree of difficulty: moderate

This is one uber French dessert. GET THE RECIPE

Pain Au Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding

Degree of difficulty: easy

This recipe puts a French twist to the English dessert, with chocolate pastry baked in butter and cream. Need we say more? GET THE RECIPE

Baked Caramel Custard Croissant Pudding

Degree of difficulty: easy

Croissant, caramel and custard. This is a triple threat in the pudding world! GET THE RECIPE

Pecan & Pear Pain Perdu

Degree of difficulty: easy

A great way of using up you’re less-than-fresh bread. GET THE RECIPE

Chocolate Soufflé

Degree of difficulty: difficult

Drizzle this light and fluffy soufflé with a glug of chocolate sauce. GET THE RECIPE

Crème Brûlée

Degree of difficulty: moderate

Nothing gets us more excited than the start of eating a perfect crème brûlèe and cracking the caramelised coating with the back of our spoons. GET THE RECIPE

Berry & Almond Friands

Degree of difficulty: easy

Friands are small almond cakes, these have fresh berries added, making them French and fabulous! GET THE RECIPE

Honey-glazed Vanilla Crullers

Degree of difficulty: moderate

Choux pastry deep fried till crispy golden perfection. Choux or should that be sjoe! GET THE RECIPE


Degree of difficulty: difficult

The rooibos infused crème anglaise is perfect to sandwich together this stack of super thin French crêpes. GET THE RECIPE

Chocolate Amarula Crêpe Cake

Degree of difficulty: difficult

This French dish gets a shot of South African flavour. GET THE RECIPE

Gateau Nantais

Degree of difficulty: easy

A pound cake drenched with some punchy rum, taking your next tea time to tipsy heights. GET THE RECIPE

Gateau Chocolat

Degree of difficulty: moderate

It may look like an ordinary chocolate cake but trust us, it’s so much more. GET THE RECIPE


Degree of difficulty: easy

Dainty little sponge cakes that are as light as air. GET THE RECIPE

Chocolate Eclairs

Degree of difficulty: moderate

We love choux pastry in its simplest form, stuffed with cream and coated with chocolate. GET THE RECIPE

Petit Fours

Degree of difficulty: moderate

No high tea would be complete without these beautifully decorated delights. GET THE RECIPE

Lemon Macaron

Degree of difficulty: difficult

We don’t mind how you pronounce macaron and neither will you once you taste these babies. GET THE RECIPE

Plum Clafoutis

Degree of difficulty: easy

You may be familiar with clafoutis made with berries but they work equally well with other stone fruits. GET THE RECIPE

Frozen Apricot Parfait

Degree of difficulty: easy

A delightful dessert for a hot summer’s day. GET THE RECIPE

Pear and Blue Cheese Tarte Tatin

Degree of difficulty: moderate

A classic French dish with modern flair. GET THE RECIPE

Tarte au Citron

Degree of difficulty: moderate

A delicious lemony flavoured tart. GET THE RECIPE

If you’re lacking a sweet tooth, why not try 36 of our best French Food recipes to stretch your culinary skills.

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